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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Last week

Well, I think I am back. I really want to get back on track with the blog, but things have been busy. We just got back from a week in Houston where we had a fantastic time with great friends. These friends are really more like family. We didn't do anything really special. Just hung out and cooked and ate and cleaned, stayed up late and then woke up the next morning to do it all again lol The kids had a blast. Most times there were at least 16 kids in or around the house. My 7, 5 of Melinda's 7, Austin's girlfriend and her brother and sister and the little boy from across the street LOL The older ones spent most of their time playing airsoft gun wars. I know, that sounds kind of violent, but they really had a great time and it kept them outside and getting exercise. The little ones pretty much stayed on the trampoline. They even played with Playdoh while on the trampoline. I think the Meyers will have Playdoh stuck in their grass well into the summer. We had a big get together with 3 other families for New Years Eve. Our friend Thomas made a fabulous Creole Gumbo, plus pototo salad, guacomole, and lots of dessert. There was a bon fire and fireworks and everyone stayed up WAY too late. Melinda, John and the kids even dissected a bobcat! Poor thing was hit by the gates before you enter their neighborhood. They froze it and saved it for when we came lol I couldn't stomach it, but it was a great biology lesson for the kids. I will spare y'all the pictures ; ) We even celebrated Ava's 3rd birthday while we were there. I cannot believe my baby is already 3!

I took LOTS of pictures, here are a few.

Samuel, Ava and Abby jumping on the trampoline.

Austin and Alexa shooting at each other LOL

Chad and I making the potato salad for the Gumbo New Year's Eve. Of course, Chad is making a funny face lol

Charlee, Ava and Sam with the neighbor's cat hanging out by the fire ring.

Abby, Samuel, Charlee and Ava posing for me on the trampoline.

Singing Happy Birthday to Ava

Melinda, John, Chad and me before going on a date to the movies. We saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Great movie, even though it made me cry. I couldn't STOP crying, even after the movie was over lol I don't usually get that emotional, but that movie was really moving. Oh, and Brad Pitt was gorgeous, of course ; )

Chad and John decided to build a deck over John's pond. Here they are working hard lol The deck came out great. John stocked the pond a year ago, so the men and kids have a great time fishing.

Austin and his first girlfriend, Amanda. Amanda is best friends with John and Melinda's daughter, Alexa. They have known each other for years, but something clicked the last time we were in Houston. You can see by the look on Austin's face how smitten he is LOL Oh my, they grow up SO FAST!

Sorry I bombarded y'all with a weeks worth of posts in one, but I wanted to catch up LOL


RachelQ said...

Sounds like you had loads of fun!!

Pampered Brat said...

How fun!
The kids are all getting so big!

jona said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time. I just can't get over the whole "girlfriend thing" (I'm so not ready for that stage of my life to begin!).

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had tons of fun. I love the pictures of the kids on the trampoline. Over the summer, I think my kids only left our trampoline to use the bathroom. We took it down in November just because we get so much snow up here.

Glad to see you're back to blogging :)

Amber said...

How fun - man, that's a lot of kids all together :-)
OUr baby is turning 3 tomorrow (sniff, sniff).
Good to see you are back and hope you have a wonderful 2009!

Kelci said...

Yay! I'm so happy you're back to blogging. Such a sweet picture of Austin and his girlfriend.

muralimanohar said...

Ewww..dissected a bobcat?? What a fantastic learning opportunity, but ewww..lol

My kids love the airsoft guns, too. Dh is promising to get ds one again when we go back.

Looks like you all had an amazing time..I'm jealous! :p

My Inspired Heart said...

looks like a great time...love all the pics ;) I am really wanting to go see Benjamin Button....I'll have to do that soon!

Marie said...

Whaaat??? Austin has a girlfriend now? He's such a cutie I guess it wasn't long before it happened, but I'm not ready for that stage of life yet. My kids have a few years to go, but it will be here too quick. I'll have to get some advice from you when that time comes-yikes!

You and Chad look so different and I only saw you a few months ago! What happened?