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Friday, February 20, 2009

I am still ALIVE (sorta)

This morning sickness is kicking my butt!!! I had it with all my others, but I don't know if it is being old this time or what, but I feel like I am dying! The reason I havn't posted in so long is because nothing is happening except me laying on the couch whining and watching way too much tv. My house is a WRECK and my poor kids are now behind in their school. I am almost 11 weeks, so it *should* be over soon (please God!) Even worse than the morning sickness is the total lack of motivation to do anything. I guess it is hard to want to do anything when you are nauseous 24/7, but I am starting to get depressed. Nothing interests me, not sewing or going somewhere, nothing. Of course, moving makes me even more nauseous, so I guess this feeling is understandable. I just want to be me again. I have always loved being pregnant, except for the first trimester, the first trimester sucks! So far, this morning I feel kind of ok, but this has happened before only to be hit with full blown nausea out of nowhere, so I don't want to get my hopes up. So sorry this is such a depressing post, but I don't feel good enough to be fake and pretend everything is great, and it feels kinda good to get these feelings out.

Oh, and I have already gained 5 pounds!!! This is because I have to eat something every 2 hours or the nausea is greatly intensified. Actually, the only time I feel decent is when I am eating, so I tend to eat more than I should just to feel good for a little longer. And I have to eat something with protein or carbs, not just fruit and vegetables to feel better, so lots of calories going in. Oh well, I will worry about the weight later. This little one is definitely worth it, but I will be so happy when this part of the pregnancy is over.

I promise to have happy posts soon with belly pics and cute stuff being made LOL Thank you if you actually read this, I don't blame anyone if they ignore it.


Jillybean said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well.
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Aghhh!!! I hear ya! I think I would have had 20 kids if it weren't for that stinkin' first trimester too. (oh, and the C-sections)

I found that if I sucked on peppermint candy (the red and white swirly ones) it really helped.

Hopefully, this will pass soon, and you can get back into the swing of things.

And you are right about it being totally worth it.

Have a great, hopefully nausea free day! :)

Marie said...

Hi Tonya-
I'll be praying for you...when I had food poisoning a couple of weeks ago, the nausea was so intense that in the midst of it I thought to myself that I couldn't handle being pregnant or having another baby again if that's what it felt like. It is all worth it, but for having 7 and pregnant with your 8th, you are so entitled to relax and take it easy until you feel better.

Diane said...

I've been worried about you! Sorry to hear you're still feeling bad. Ooh, I remember how awful morning sickness makes you feel. (Why do they call if morning sickness? Mine always lasted all day!) Hope you're feeling better soon, I miss seeing your crafty works!

jona said...

I kind of figured that's what happened to you. I am always very un-motivated when in my first trimester. It amazes me how much that little peanut can steal all of your energy (mental and physical)! Hang in there...you're so close to being on the other side of this part!

One Shabby Chick said...

Hope it gets better soon!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope your feel brighter soon! I can emphathise - my morning sickness lasted the whole 9 months. Enjoy catching up on your TV viewing.

sharleen.2cupsofcoffee said...

Congratulations! I missed your last post, so I was in the dark. I hope you are feeling better soon!

Tine said...

Well...I gained sooo much weight both times during the first trimester too, the nausea was horrible, exept when I was eating :( So I pretty much ate all day. Until I figured out that lemon-soda helped too :) Charles brought home gallons. LOL!
I really hope you feel better soon. It is really difficult to be left without any motivation, and not being able to move without feeling bad will do that to you :/
I hope your family gives you a little extra TLC.

Sandra said...

Oh no...hang in there! I definitely know what it is to be pregnant-sick, but I hope you start feeling better really soon! I'm looking forward to the belly pics and baby stuff ;)

muralimanohar said...

Oh, bleah, here's hoping it's over soon for you! My first one went 3.5 months, and I couldn't eat anything at all. I never really barfed much, but as soon as I ate anything, I would spend hours trying to not even twitch, cause it would roil up my stomach, and I would want to die. Ugh. It's a wonder I did it a second time, lol.

Anonymous said...

Well now. This will make you feel better. I was very sick and tired with my third baby. Thought it was because I just turned thirty. NOT! Little triplet girls were making me so darn sick. Maybe there's more than one in there. Told you I would make you feel better. LOL!

Seriously, though, it is no fun to feel yucky. I know you will be on the other side of this soon. Being pregnant is so much fun. I hope the happy starts real soon for you.

Take care, Tonya~

harts4Him said...

CONGRATS!!!!! I hope you are feeling better really soon! Enjoy the couch time and don't feel guilty. Vanessa

Lewis Family said...

Hang in there girl. Lots of hugs.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and love it. Congrats on your pregnancy!