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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby Knitting

For a couple of weeks I was a knitting fool! It is funny, because sometimes I don't care to do it, but when the mood hits, I can't get enough. I am actually still in the mood, but I really need to tend to my sewing before the baby is born. I can knit with a baby in my arms, not so much use the sewing machine. I found the pattern for the gray sweater in a Debbie Bliss book I checked out from the library. I started it before I knew Sophia was a girl, so picked a neutral color. Once I found out she was a girl, I added a picot edge in pink. I love pink and gray together. There is a great video tutorial here for doing a picot edging. Both sweaters still need their buttons sewn on, I am so bad about completely finishing things. I will probably wait to sew them on until I want the baby to wear them. lol Oh, the yarn is a DK weight Merino yarn from Rowan.

I found this pattern at Knitting Daily. It was a free pattern. I love the cable down the front. I really like simple knits, but also love a little special stitch to add interest. This was rated as easy, but I wouldn't consider it easy. More like intermediate. A beginning knitter would cry if they tried this pattern. I used Sugar Rush yarn for this project, it is made from sugar cane. How cool is that?! It is so soft, even softer than bamboo yarn and has a beautiful drape to it. It really is perfect for knitting for children. I know, it is blue. I really love blue on little girls, you will see that I end up buying more blue than pink. I am going to knit a hat and booties to match, as well. The second picture is more true to the color of the yarn. I took all of the pictures on one of the girls' baby dolls. I know it is kinda creepy, but it shows how the sweaters fit.


Anonymous said...

Awww... So cute. You make me really want to learn to knit.

Amber said...

Wow - they are so nice...and I love the model :-)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Baby knitting is the best!! Love the light blue colour - so sweet.

Cassie @ You Go Girl said...

Fabbity-fab-fab-fab, Tonya. I love how knitting looks. Too bad I stink at it! LOL! I've tried, but I am a total knit wit. Those sweaters are sooo cute. Can't wait to see Baby Pudding-Pop Sophia in them.

Jessica said...

I love all those knits for the babe! I made the same hat for a friend's baby.

Martha said...

awww too cute! I love the pink edging. And the cable sweater. I am in awe. I have never tried that. I am a basic knitter.

Anonymous said...

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muralimanohar said...

Lol..I read it this through, quickly skimming, and got confused as to why you were talking like the baby isn't here yet, but they were modeled on one. Moral, don't skim while your head is stuffed with a cold. :p

Very, very cute, btw! The pink and grey are an awesome combo!

Anonymous said...

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