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Friday, October 9, 2009

More Pics

Here are the pictures of the kids with Sophia. The girls got to hold her right after she was born, they were at the birth, but these are the pictures when my Mom and Dad brought everyone that afternoon. Samuel and Ava were beyond excited to see their new sister.

Sydney with Ava looking on. She loves the fact that she is old enough to really help with the new baby.

Savannah has been a huge help, she would hold the baby 24/7 if I let her LOL

Samuel told my Mom before we came home from the hospital that he missed Sophia sooooo much, and wanted me to hurry up and bring her home : D Such a sweet boy.

Parker swore he wasn't excited about the baby, but he wants to hold her as much as the others now LOL He has admitted he was wrong and is now very happy to have a new sister : )

Austin always has loved babies, he has his profile pic on facebook holding his sister. I think that may be to attract girls though ; / LOL

Ava ADORES Sophia. I should have never worried about her being jealous, she loves to sit by me while I nurse Sophia and rub her soft head. She is gonna be a great big sister.

Isabella loves Sophia too, she loves to hold her even when she is fussy. She is so patient with her and can always get her to sleep for me. You can see that Ava sneaked into almost every picture LOL

My Mom and Dad with Sophia. They have been and always are so helpful. They stayed with my children so that Chad and I could enjoy a couple days of rest in the hospital. They are the BEST grandparents a girl could ask for!

A picture of the baby socks I knit for her. They already don't fit anymore : ( They grow SO fast!

Ava was and still is fascinated with her toes LOL At first, she was also fascinated with her eyes for some reason. She was constantly trying to stick her fingers in Sophia's eyes. She was gentle, but still! LOL And yes, she still calls her FiFi, it is so cute!

My baby is 2 weeks old today, it makes me sad. I just love this special time when they are brand new, but it goes by so quickly. I wish the days would slow down just a little bit. She has an awake time in the middle of the night! For 3 days, it was between 3 and 5, but last night it was from 12 to 2. I am trying to even enjoy that time lol Got to see Ice Castles one night : )


Cassie@You Go Girl said...

Knock. Knock. Knock. Hello. Hello. Can you hear me on the other side of this computer screen? LOL! I so wish I could jump into this screen and have a turn to hold Fifi. She is SOOO sweet. Love all the pictures with your other children. What a treasure you have, Tonya.

Take care,

Marie said...

Gorgeous pics Tonya! I wish I could come meet her while she is still so tiny! You are truly blessed and have wonderful children! Congrats again!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thanks for sharing more beautiful pictures of your sweet baby and family. Little Sophia is going to be so loved by all her family.

Petra said...

You are so blessed, Tonya! You have wonderful children, all of them! Thanks for these beautiful pics!!! :)

HomeJewel said...

So sweet!

Whoa - Ice Castles???? Take me back! I loved that movie!

JanuskieZ said...

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ladydi said...

Such darling photos of your wonderful family. Thank you for allowing us to share in this special family time.

cathy gaubert said...

you are one amazing momma! :) sophia is gorgeous, just like your other children. i'm sorry that it has taken me so long to get over here and visit...i feel like such a slacker! i mean, really, i only have 3 and you have 8!!!! that ava reminds me of both eme and lily at that age with new sisters. what is it about wanting to touch their eyes? big, big hugs to all 10 of you!!!

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

Oh, Tonya! She's beautiful! I'm sending a big congratulations to you all!

Hannah said...

Congrats! She's lovely and beautiful and all things wonderful!