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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pictures of my other kids! LOL

I realize looking back on my last few posts that Sophia has been the main attraction lately LOL Here are some recent pictures of some of my other children.

Ava loves to pose for the camera now, I think she is slightly jealous of the time spent photographing Fifi and wants some of that spotlight for herself lol This was before church one morning.

I made some new dresses for Sydney and Isabella. Don't have a picture of Isabella's yet, but here is Sydney's. This is a Cynthia Rowley pattern from Simplicity and some super slinky knit fabric from Fabric.com. I had to make the bodice twice!, That is some seriously slippery AND stretchy fabric to sew with. She loves the dress and wears it ALL THE TIME. Makes me feel so good : D

Here is Isabella, her sister took the picture. She is so grown up looking in this picture sniff sniff
She will officially be a teenager in October. That means I will have 4 teenagers in this house! Yes, I am still sane ; D This was before rehearsal for her dance recital, which is why she has makeup on. my girls have to be 13 before they can wear makeup on a daily basis.

Savannah takes a sewing class (I know, I could teach her and I do, but she enjoys being with her friends and going somewhere) The skirt is one of her projects from this year. Her teacher puts on a fashion show every year for the girls to model the things they have made. She is an awesome lady. (sorry for the blurry not very good picture, I was wrangling a 7 month old : D)

I gotta share dh's new man cave lol It is actually our new shed, our old one got crushed by a tree in Hurricane Gustav. This is a super nice shed though. He made it big enough to be his workroom, he is an awesome carpenter and it also triples as a poker playing room where the guys can smoke their cigars to their hearts content. It is even air conditioned. Chad goes missing quite often now, and this is usually where I can find him lol Yes, that is Sam playing on the hammock in his underwear (that is how he rolls!) Oh and I want to add that Chad built the entire shed himself. He even poured the concrete, my man is so talented and he saves us so much money doing things himself, gotta love that!
And one more of Samuel holding Sophia one morning just because they are both so stinkin' cute!


Amber said...

Love the man cave :-) Isn't it greta to have a hubby that knows how to do all kinds of things?! I love it! Your kids are absolutely gorgeous!!

Amber said...

I mean great - not greta :-)

Tonya said...

Thank you, Amber : D And yes, a hubby able to fix things and make stuff is worth his weight in gold!!!!

Michelle said...

They are ALL so beautiful!! I wish my hubby would build me a girl cave!! hehe..I could SO see myself in there sewing away! :)

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sandra said...

adorable photos!