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I have been married for 20 years to a great husband and we have 8 children ranging in age from 1 to 18 years. I am a homeschooling mom, which can be very challenging. I love sewing, knitting, reading, gardening and have recently started oil painting. I love to create. I really want to have a blog to show off some of the stuff I create, but I also want to share about my life and family. email me at ctrich8@bellsouth.net

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, I have zero sewing to show y'all. I havn't touched my sewing machine since Friday night : ( I *really* need to work in some time for sewing, I am getting a little witchy : O The quilt just lays there taunting me! Homeschooling is kicking my butt this year. Last year, I chose curriculums that didn't require as much hands on time from me. Well, my children were very vocal that they did NOT like that. They like Mama to be more involved, which I completely understand, it's just there are *5* of them to teach, two of them being in high school. I really need to find a balance, because I need some time for myself. Between school and running everyone all over tarnation and keeping my house from becoming a complete hovel, there just isn't much time for me to sew or breathe. Well, not if I actually want to sleep! Oh, and let's not forget the two little ones that I have to take care of. Ava is particularly difficult. She is quite the digger and has already squeezed out an entire tube of Neosporin on my carpet and smashed my face powder to smithereens in the last two days.

AHHHHHHHHH!!!! There, that feels a little better LOL

Right now, so that I can use the computer in peace, I am letting Samuel draw on my back with washable markers. It actually kind of feels nice : ) I would show y'all his finished creation, but then y'all would see my back fat : ( Where does back fat come from anyway, I swear, two years ago I didn't have it!

Anyway, I will be getting a much needed break this weekend. Me and 4 of my girlfriends are going to Houston to visit my friends Melinda and Ivonne. They both live in Katy. Hey Marie, would you like to come and meet us? I know things are crazy right now, but maybe you could use the break? I know that is probably a serious understatement. No pressure, but I would love to see you again.

Oh, and some great news! Someone I have known for years is a quilter, only I didn't know it. While I was at my local quilt store the other day, we were discussing the fact that our town has a new homeschool football team. One of the ladies mentioned that the mother of one of the football players comes in all the time and was an avid quilter. Since I know practically everyone on the team, I eagerly asked the name of this quilter. It was Vanessa! I have known Vanessa since before I had Austin! She knew my dh before I did lol Anyway, she is in charge of the concessions for football and I just happened to be working with her that Saturday for the game. Well, we had a wonderful time talking about our passion for sewing! I can't believe neither one of us knew that the other one sewed! I guess it just never came up. So, we will be getting together, I have a real live person to help me when it comes time to quilt my quilt. And it is always great to find out that someone who was already your friend shares a similar interest. Of course, I shared my blog with her, and I am going to try and get her to start her own. She is hilarious, and I am sure she would have an interesting blog.

Well, I have rambled enough for now, I guess I need to go and start my day. I just keep telling myself that tomorrow I get a break! Hope everyone has a great weekend : D


Kelci said...

Ahhhhh, I've missed you posting you regularly. I totally laughed out loud when I read the paragraph about Samuel drawing on your back. I told my husband and he said, "Well, now you have an emergency plan if you need extra time to yourself".

Marie said...

Washable markers? That's hilarious! Now I have a back up plan, but I don't know if I'm that nice of a mom to let Nathan or Maddie do that. I usually just open my bathroom cabinet and let them have at it.

We are doing well, considering and more and more I've been feeling like things are getting back to normal. Meeting you all for a girls weekend sounds fun...I'll have to e-mail and let you know!

beki said...

I'm sending a big hug to you, Tonya! Have fun this weekend ;-)

Amber said...

I've been feeling the same way lately and I have 3 kiddos less than you! It's tough yeah? And I'm sure that neosporin was just a breeze to clean up - LOL. I have had the youngest rummage through all my makeup and dump powder and blush all ove r- not fun.
At least you are getting a break - what a fun trip!! Have a great trip - oh, and I totally get you about the back fat - ughh, I hate it!

Tine said...

LOL! I love that! Washable markers! That is so funny :-D
I usually give Viola my scrapbasket, that keeps her busy for a while :-) Ask I haven't figured out yet, it seems to change daily!
I hope you have a great time this weekend!

muralimanohar said...

Oh, hey, I wish I had thought of washable markers...I usually just let them use their regular old ones for tattooing my back! :p

Have a good trip; and that's really cool about finding a fellow crafter!! I wish I had some near me...I have a couple friends, but we are all usually so overwhelmed with our combined kids that it never really seems to happen (oh, reminds me, I need to set up a sewing date with one! lol Though, it is actually going to be with her dd...teaching her how to sew. :p )

Pampered Brat said...

I found your blog about a week ago and found it so funny!
Im homeschooling 2 kids and watching my 4 year old trash my house. On a good day I feel like Im going insane.
Most blogs I run across the house is spotless, they have 20 kids that they are teaching at home and somehow she still finds some to make all their clothing, quilt and bake homemade cookies!
Thanks for keeping it real!

My Inspired Heart said...

Oh...you just made my day! "Writing on my back..." You can probably hear the laughter coming from my way! I don't know why I found it so funny...because I SO know what you mean. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm not as alone or crazy as I feel sometimes, hee hee! :-)

I know what you mean about finding time to sew...lately, I've just been doing it, realizing that the same mess is gonna be there after I relieve a little stress at the sewing machine, lol.

Have a great weekend, Tonya!

mommyholly said...

Oh my gosh Tonya, I am seriously sitting her cracking up over Samuel and the markers!!! Maybe I should keep that in mind for when Andrew is giving me a hard time..... LOL! :) xo!

Tiff said...

Washable markers? HMMMMM sounds like a plan. I wonder if it will keep my boys at bay!

jona said...

I hope you had a relaxing weekend Tonya! My little guy has done the neosporin thing too, little turkey.