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Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday morning

Chad, Austin and Parker were gone all weekend at a Golf Tournament in Mandeville, so he took today off to spend some time with me : ) We woke up this morning and it was beautiful outside. He built a campfire for us to sit outside on the swing and drink our coffee. Like I have said before, I don't much like camping. However, the one thing I always did enjoy was the cool mornings, sitting by the campfire while drinking my morning coffee. It was such a nice, relaxing way to wake up, and Samuel and Ava enjoyed it too. The other children were all still asleep. It's funny how they are up at the crack of dawn when they are little, but once they get to about 10 or 11, they can sleep until noon!

Samuel and Ava took a little trip to get more firewood from in back of the fence. Ava decided she wanted a ride back : )

I hope the rest of my day is as pleasant as this morning : )


thriftymrs said...

That looks like a lovely way to spend time.

Tine said...

What a lovely morning! 10 or 11, huh?

Randi said...

What a sweet guy! It is nice to have a thoughtful hubs, isn't it? I have one too and he is a keeper!

Marie said...

What a nice morning...I have to get up before the kids to have quiet time or I'm not a good mom the rest of the day. I'm starting to have to drink coffee more and more every morning and I never did before. Yikes!

My Inspired Heart said...

Now, that is a nice morning! Mmmm...coffee out by a fire early in the morning...we'll have to do that later this week :)

ladydi said...

Sounds like a delightful morning! If you did that here, you'd have to wear your flannel lined jeans and jacket.