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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A beautiful day and some random pictures

These pictures are from 2 weeks ago. I had forgotten I took them until I downloaded pictures from my camera. It was one of those spur of the moment times that you sometimes don't take the time to enjoy. For once, I let myself enjoy the moment. We were supposed to be finishing up schoolwork, which we were behind for the day when we heard the fighter jets. The Sertoma Airshow was that weekend and the planes were practicing. We live fairly close to the airport, so they were doing some of their maneuvers right over our house. The kids were dying to go out and watch. I had an internal struggle, thinking that we *really* needed to finish school, but then I just gave in because they wouldn't have been paying attention anyway. You couldn't exactly ignore the noise of the jets lol

There is a huge field in back of our house and a newly constructed lake for a new neighborhood. So we all went sit out there because it was hard to see the planes completely with all the trees around our house. We even brought Pixie, our beagle, she loved being out and smelling all the new smells. The planes flew right over us several times in formation. They were so low that we could see the cockpits. Samuel was beyond excited, Ava was a little scared because they were LOUD! She would hide her head in my neck whenever they would approach. After watching the planes for a good 20 minutes I thought maybe I could take some awesome pictures, so I sent Parker in the house for the camera. Well, don't ya know they didn't fly close to us once I had the camera. I took some pictures of the kids anyway. It was just gorgeous outside, the pictures are a nice reminder of a beautiful day. I am so glad I took the time to truly enjoy it, school still managed to get finished and we have a lovely memory.

Savannah was a good girl and brought her school books out with her, she didn't really get any work done, though lol

Samuel kicking around while waiting for the next plane to fly over : )

Austin was a good big brother and carried Ava back to the house, he didn't even mind that she was holding on to his face lol

My Dad actually got tickets for us for the actual Airshow that Sunday. He works for one of the oil comanies that was sponsoring the show. We had front row seats with a tent for shade and free food. We could see it all right in front of us. The main event was the Thunderbirds and they were AWESOME! Of course, I forgot my camera :smacks head: I am still sick about this, because I could have taken the BEST pictures.

I also found this picture of Ava trying on my first Edith Twirl Skirt. This is Jona's pattern and I really enjoyed making it. The picture is taken after Ava's bath. The skirt isn't for her, you can see it is too big. It was for my good friend Lessie's little girl. She sure loved it though, she automatically started twirling LOL I need to make her one of her own. ( you can click on the picture to see the skirt better)

Just a random picture of Samuel, this is how he fell asleep the other night. He always falls asleep in strange places. We just left him here and he slept all night lol Yes, my almost 5 year old IS potty trained, but he still wets the bed. It's easier to put a diaper on him than to clean up a mess every morning. Diapers are much cheaper than pull ups and he doesn't care either way. If it starts to bother him, I will buy him pull ups, I promise ; )


Angie said...

I love home schooling because you CAN be spontaneous like that. What an awesome memory, you can't experience that in a traditional classroom.

My 5 year old daughter fell asleep in her doll cradle a few weeks ago. She stayed there for a couple hours until she woke up, then moved to her bed.

randi---i have to say said...

How cute that your little guy fell asleep in the basket! If I tried that I wouldn't be able to unfold myself in the morning ! ;)

Also, love that skirt. I think she definitely needs one of her own!

Marie said...

Ava looks so big already from the last time I saw her...don't you just love how their hair just hangs in their face like that?

That is so funny of Samuel falling asleep like that...I just can't believe he stayed there all night! I would be so sore in the morning!

I love your skirt, I've been working on one for Maddie for a month now...where does the time go!

muralimanohar said...

The basket sleeper is so cute, lol.

How cool to see the jets practicing like that! (And what a cool way to see the show. :p ) In Hawaii, there used to be this guy who used to fly his plane on weekends and holidays, as a hobby...but his hobby was stunt flying. So it wasn't unusual at all to hear his plane, and we'd all run outside to watch his stunts...SO cool! :p

Tiff said...

What a fun afternoon! Your kids are precious. Love the picture of Samuel. My boys love to lay in the laundry basket too! But they don't ever fall asleep. LOL

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