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Monday, November 17, 2008

Pierce is home and some Christmas sewing

First of all, an update on Pierce. He is home and feeling great! They are making him take it easy, but if it were up to him, he would be outside, running around playing football LOL The doctors STILL don't know what happened. We are just praying it was some wierd virus that ran it's course and will never appear again. I know they are keeping a close eye on him, just in case. This is just a reminder that ultimately our children are in God's hands and there is only so much we can do to protect them. This is becoming more and more clear to me as my oldest gets closer and closer to adulthood. I like to think I have ultimate control, but I know that is wishful thinking. I just have to trust God to watch over them. Thank you again everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers, they meant so much to me : )

I got some Christmas sewing done yesterday. I am making this Wee Wonderfuls pattern for Ava and for my new little niece, Jessie. My SIL Gloria and BIL Kevin (the parents of Pierce) are in the process of adopting a 2 1/2 year old little girl. She is the sweetest little thing. I made her doll first, but still havn't finished the hair or the face, I need to get the materials for that. So, you are going to see the little outfits modeled on her faceless, bald doll LOL Is it just me, or is it a major pain in the butt to set in sleeves on doll clothes? Setting in sleeves is not my favorite sewing task, but on teeny, tiny doll clothes, it is nearly impossible! I think I may start doing it by hand just to save myself the frustration and bad words muttered under my breath lol It will probably be quicker that way too. I love this pattern, it is very well written and easy to understand. Hilary gives lots of tips to make things easier.

This little dress is for Ava's doll

This one is for Jessie's doll, I did the pintucks backwards, but I think they still look fine, so I am not redoing it.

I have Ava's doll all sewn up, but need to make a trip to Joanns for more stuffing and wool felt for the eyes and yarn for the hair. I had bought some Bamboo stuffing the other day, but it has this squeaky feel when I hold it, even after stuffing the doll it has the squeaky feel :shudder: This is the equivalent to nails raked across a chalk board for me! It is making me cringe just writing about it. I stuffed two arms before I couldn't stand it anymore. I went and found some leftover polyester stuffing to do Jessie's doll. I can't find any cotton stuffing locally, so I guess I will just stick with the polyester.

Here is Ava's doll, minus stuffing and the jumper and the cut out shirt for Jessie's doll.

While sewing yesterday, I listened to the Twilight Movie Soundtrack. I am getting giddy about the movie Friday! There is a huge group of us *older* people going on Friday at 4:40, we already bought our tickets : ) I know, we are going to the old folks showing, I guess that is about right, considering this is a teen movie. I never get this excited about movies. I don't know what it is about the Twilight series, but I am so hooked. It is the perfect fantasy escape for me. I finished reading Stephenie Meyer's other book The Host this weekend. I really love her writing, this book wasn't quite as affecting as Twilight, but it was still really good. I hope it does well enough for her to write sequels. I really want to know what happens to Jared , Melanie, Jamie, Wanderer and Ian.


Tine said...

What a relief that Pierce is home and doing well!
The dolls you are making are really cute!! And the dresses you made for them are so wonderful :-)

My Inspired Heart said...

So glad Pierce is doing better!

Love the little dollies....so cute! I love all the stuff from wee wonderfuls. My mom just bought a waldorf-style doll pattern/kit and has been putting it together the last couple of days....so cute!

I've never tried the bamboo stuffing....but squeaky? ugh...I don't know if I could take it either, lol! Polyester must reign supreme here in Mobile, you can't even think about getting any natural fibers for stuffing, batting, felt, yarn, etc. I always have to order it.

muralimanohar said...

Is one of Hilary's tips for setting in sleeves to do them flat?? Because that is the ONLY way to set in dolls sleeves without going completely insane!!! :D

Very cute dolls and clothes! That's a very cute doll body pattern...how are the arms attached?? They look like they would be the kind attached separately, with buttons or something, to make them movable. :)

muralimanohar said...

Oh, duh..and YAY Pierce!! :D

Doll Clothes gal said...

What a fabulous pattern - they ok very cute.

4 BOYS ONLY said...

So glad your nephew is doing well. It reminds me to hug my boys tight! I'm glad you liked my rant about big families, i only have 4 (so far) and all ready feel like i'm getting dirty looks. So my question for you is.... How on earth do you find time to sew??? I really want to get back into it, trying to do a mostly homemade Christmas (nothing like procrastinating) but i feel like the world crumbles around me if i sit down to start something. oh, ya, we are totally stealing your little homemade kitchen idea. i love it! My husband is making that for my little guys and student desks for my big guys. Also my son makes me check your blog for the twilight countdown every day!! thanks for all the great ideas. I'm feeling inspired!

Randi said...

It is great to hear that Pierce is on the mend! What a scary situation!

The dolls are going to be adorable! I have a Black Apple doll all ready to be cut out, and I am glad there are no sleeves. I would probably go cross-eyed trying to sew them on!

I think it is great that you are going to see your movie. I tried listening to the book on tape and the reader's voice was distracting and I couldn't finish it. Unfortunately the book is NEVER at the library!

Kelci said...

The dolls are adorable...in a creepy, faceless kind of way:) The little tiny outfits are just precious.

Tiff said...

I have been praying for Pierce! So glad he's doing better. Love the doll. So cute!! I'm going to attempt to make one for my baby neice!.

Jessica said...

I wish I had a little someone to make a doll like that for...perhaps I'll make one up for my cousin's daughter. I just picked up the Twilight books and I'm reading away!!

ladydi said...

So glad to hear the good news about your nephew! I agree with the gal who said to set the sleeves in flat, then stitch the underarm and side seam in one swoop - much easier that way. I love the kitchen Chad made for Sam and Ava!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the Pierce is doing well. Sometimes life is so scary.

Love the dolly girls. Can't wait to see them all finished. I must get down to my craft room and get started on Christmas. I think I am setting myself up for some late nights here in a few weeks. I can't seem to get my self in the "create for Christmas" mode. Oh well, I do my best work under pressure. LOL!

Take care, Tonya-

Angie said...

So glad your nephew is doing better.

I am headed over to Wee Wonderfuls right now to buy one of those cute dolly patterns.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
Could you please tell me where you purchased the fabric for Ava's doll dress? I have a bit of that very same fabric, but need more for a project for my daughter. The piece I have has no name or anything on it. I always thought it was vintage. Any ideas?
Thanks for your time!
Mary in TN