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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Samuel Isaac Richard

At 5:40 this morning, my baby boy turned 5 years old! I can't believe he is already 5?! It just doesn't seem possible. It was a long road to have him. It took 2 years to get pregnant for him and I lost 2 babies along the way. In the beginning of his pregnancy, I bled heavily, I was sure I would lose him too. However, God had other plans and after this initial bleeding, my pregnancy proceeded without incident. It was funny when people would ask if he was a surprise (being child #6) and I would tell them how hard I tried for him. His birth was my most difficult. I have birthed 5 of my 7 children without pain meds and I have never felt pain like I did for him. I actually thought I wouldn't make it to the hospital, because my contractions started off at only 2 minutes a part and very hard. Unfortunately, his labor proceeded somewhat slowly and only got more intense. He was my second epidural LOL I hadn't had one since Austin, my first child. Nobody believed or listened to me when I asked for it, I had to scream that I was serious and they had better get that anesthesiologist in here NOW! Of course, an hour after the epidural, he arrived with no problems. He weighed 9 lbs. 8oz., my second biggest baby. He was beautiful! I felt so blessed that I was able to have him after trying so hard. He was the sweetest little baby, very fat and happy : ) He was spoiled from day one, I don't think he was ever really put down. His brothers and sisters were so excited to finally have him home.

He is still a very sweet boy, very funny and full of personality. This morning when he woke up he was crying. I asked him why and he asked why he wasn't big like Daddy? Apparently he thought that he would magically wake up an adult on his 5th birthday. He would ask me every day if he was going to be a big boy on his birthday, I guess he didn't quite understand LOLOL

I just love his big curly bozo hair ( I know, it is time for another haircut lol) and his big brown eyes. He loves his cat Zoey and his little sister, Ava. When he was little he was extremely attached to me. We would joke that he would crawl back in if he could LOL When Ava was born, I always had two babies in my lap. He wasn't mean or jealous, he just wanted to be by me too.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy, Mama loves you very much!

Here he is *jumping* off the windowsill in his brother's room onto the bed. He is ALL boy! LOL His big brothers took this picture, I wasn't aware he was doing this until I downloaded the picture : /


Angie said...

Happy Birthday Samuel!!! Being 5 is so much fun. My little girl has only a few weeks left to be 5. She will be 6 on the day after Christmas.

Some days she wants to be big too, and other days she says she just wants to stay a little girl forever.

Have a super fun day!

Amber said...

Happy 5th Birthday Samuel! Hope you have a wonderful day :-)

Tine said...

Happy Birthday Samuel! Wow! When you are 5, you are a big boy!
I hope you have a fantastic day!!
Hugs from Denmark :)

jona said...

Happy Big Birthday Samuel! What fun!!!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday Sam! What a cutie pie-those curls are gonna make the girls swoon.

muralimanohar said...

Happy Birthday, Samuel!! Wow, what a milestone! :D

My Inspired Heart said...

Aww...love this post and Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! The pic is too funny...but somehow very familiar to me, lol!

ladydi said...

He needs a superman cape for his birthday - it will go well with flying off the windowsill!

Michelle said...

Awww... he's precious!! that picture falling from the window sill is priceless!! love it!! ( I think I have similar pictures of myself doing that at that age..LOL)