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Thursday, December 11, 2008


I know all of you Northerners are thinking *so what?* . But down here in South Louisiana, this is a really big deal! The last time I remember snow that stuck to the ground was when I was in high school! Either 1988 or 1989 ( yeah, I'm old). Austin woke us up before 6am and the snow was coming down hard! They were all dressed and outside playing in it long before the sun came up. We took over 100 pictures, here are a few of them.

How cool to have gotten snow at Christmastime. I told the kids to enjoy it because it will probably be another 20 years before we see it again. They were big, pretty, fat snowflakes too! Honest to goodness SNOW!!!!!

Ava and Sam thought it was great until their hands got cold. We don't have cold weather gear, it never gets that cold here.

Sam making a snow angel

4 snowmen, they have since made 5 more, so there is one for each of us LOL this is all in my neighbors' yard. There are too many trees for the snow to accumulate in ours. They are good neighbors : )


nhsmith55 said...

Here I am in Virginia and all we're getting is rain. It hasn't snowed that much here in a few years. I miss it. I'm glad your kids got to enjoy it.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like loads of fun!

Tine said...

Oh how cool! In more ways than one. Lol! Snow is pretty magical even if you see it every year, so I can imagine what it must be like for you all to see it! I am so glad your kids were up early and could enjoy it. And YAY for the friendly neighbors!!

cathy gaubert said...

oh, no! i cannot let lily see that picture of sam...she would be so jealous!!! she really wanted to make a snow angel, but it was so cold and i knew that she would be soaking wet and then i'd never get her inside. eme wasn't that huge a fan of it all...cold hands were not oaky with her, and we couldn't find the gloves!
the last big snow (and really, i think that this one was bigger) was when i was in high school, also. i think that i was a junior maybe? yea, i'm that old, too, but it never really feels like it!

Marie said...

Ooohh! It snowed here too! I have a hundred pictures of it too. I'm gonna share on my blog tomorrow. My kids had a blast because it doesn't ever snow here in Houston! Your kids are so adorable!

Amber said...

How fun - we've just been getting lots and lots or rain here!

jona said...

Amazing!! What a treat to remember!

muralimanohar said...

Aw...I wish it would really snow here, too. Of course, the city would probably come to a complete standstill, lol.

My Inspired Heart said...

I just knew you guys must have gotten the white stuff! I had to click over as soon as I got a minute to see ;) We waited and waited for the snow here, but only got a few flurries right at dark...we watched them melt on the way down,lol. The front just kinda lost its punch by the time it reached us. So glad you got it though! Love the pics!

ladydi said...

How wonderful to see your children playing in the snow, making the most of every flake! I admit we get a bit weary of it around here, but if it's the first time in your life you've seen it - WOW - that's another matter altogether. Would you like a pattern for mittens? LOL