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Saturday, May 2, 2009

some sewing and knitting

Time sure flies by, I can't believe it has been over a week since my last post. I really have lots to blog about, I just have a hard time getting around to actually blogging it. Really, my problem is getting the pictures taken and uploaded to the computer. I have a million ideas of projects I want to do running through my head. It doesn't help that I am hooked on knitting again. I have quilts, clothing, and knitting I want to get done LOL Not to mention that I want to make some heirloom clothes for this baby girl, I love delicate little clothes with hand embroidery on them.

Here are a couple of completed, or mostly completed projects. I made the pincushion from Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me. I have had this book for awhile and this is my first project. I love many projects in this book, so I was glad to get one finished. Mine came out a little wonky, but I think it is because I got the wrong interfacing. I was in a hurry to do it, instead of waiting to get the right stuff. Overall, though I am happy with it. I love this design because I am always doing handwork and this pincushion is perfect for toting around everything you need. I have my embroidery scissors, thread or embroidery floss and anything else I need tucked nicely into the little holding spot in the middle. The only problem I had with the pattern is she says to sew a 3/8 inch seam for the patchwork around the middle. I had to sew a 5/8 inch seam to get my round outside part to match up with my middle tube. She does say you may have to adjust it, so just thought I would mention the difference if anyone decides to sew it.

I am also finished with the knitting for this baby's first little sweater. This is a pattern from a Debbie Bliss book I checked out from the library. I started it before I knew whether this little one was a boy or girl, I figured grey was a good neutral. I used a Rowan 4ply Merino wool. I had *just* enough yarn! You see the piece coiled up at the bottom? That is what was left! LOL The sides still need to be seamed up and the buttons sewn on. Also, I think I am going to add a picot edging around the bottom and sleeves in pink to make it look more girly. I just love little baby knits, I have already started a little hat and have plans for another sweater and several pairs of booties. I also want to make some daygowns and a quilt for this baby and about a dozen other things LOL I have about 20 weeks, I had better get moving! (click on the picture for a better view, knitting is so hard to photograph.)

I also bought two more books. Material Obsession, which I saw on Amber's blog, and just couldn't resist. When I went to Amazon, you could get Weekend Sewing with it for a discount. Well, with all the buzz about Weekend Sewing, of course I bought both LOL I already have all the pieces cut out for the Trapeze Sundress, but I am making a tunic instead. I saw one on Made by Rae and she is pregnant too, so figured it would work for a maternity top. I should have it finished today. I love that book, so many great patterns! It is the first time I had to trace my patterns from a pattern sheet with all of the patterns superimposed over each other like that. My eyes kept crossing trying to keep straight which piece I was tracing lol Not my favorite thing to do , but very worth it, I am sure.

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the pin cushion - you have used some of my favourite fabrics! What a sweet baby knit. You will get plenty of inspiration from those books - they are on my wish list!