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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Elephant

Wee Wonderful Elephant

I have made this little Wee Wonderfuls elephant a total of 5 times now and will probably make it at least 5 more. Everyone loves it and requests one, so it is my go to gift for children's birthdays. This one was made for my girlfriend Jessica's 10 year old daughter, Samantha. Samantha shares a birthday with Sophia and was actually present at Sophia's birth. She is such a sweet girl and she LOVES chickens! LOL She recently lost all of her pet chickens to a raccoon, unfortunately : ( When I saw this Alexander Henry fabric, I knew I had to use it to make her elephant. The fabulous aqua buttons are vintage, I just love that color!

Wee Wonderful Elephant

Poor Samuel, begs me to make him one everytime he sees me whipping up one for someone else. He just asked me a few minutes ago when I was going to make his. I guess I need to do that today. And I might as well cut out one for Ava, because you can put money on it, she will want one the minute she sees Sam's lol I rarely make patterns twice, but I really enjoy this one. I think I am going to purchase her new book, so many cute gifts, so little time!

Wee Wonderful Elephant


Tine said...
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Tine said...

It is adorable!
But...isn't this Joelle Hoverson's pattern? I probably just have my elephants mixed up!!!
Either way, it looks great, and I would want one!!

Tonya said...

Thank you, Tine : D It is in Joelle Hoverson's book Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, but Hilary Lang from Wee Wonderfuls is the designer. So, you do have your book right!

Marie said...

I have that pattern, and have never tried it. Maybe I should soon b/c yours turned out super cute!

Amber said...

So cute - and her new book is just amazing...so many cute projects...I haven't made anything out of it yet - need to get on that!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a gorgeous elephant - the fabric is so colourful and fun!

Mands said...

You made it! It turned out SO cute. That is so sad about Samantha's chickens :(
I wanna make this for Amelia one day.

Tonya said...

Marie, definitely make it, it is so so cute!

Amber, I am definitely getting the book, all of her stuff is so cute.

Mandy, we can make one for Amelia, if you want. I can help you with the body if you would like. Lots of practice with curves in this one ; )

jessica said...

Awww...Sam's elephant made the blog! She LOVES her elephant but loves the chickens on her elephant even more I think,lol! This is the cutest fabric! It's so special since you took the time to make it by hand, thank you again!
Your hummingbird shot is gorgeous!! You have inspired me :)