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Monday, September 27, 2010

My Baby is One!

sophia in the morning
I cannot believe it has been a year since my 8th child made her late but speedy appearance! It literally only seems like yesterday, I still think of her as an infant even though she walks everywhere now. She is a rough little booger, I guess that comes with being the youngest in such a large family lol I am a little sad because she is my last, but am trying to enjoy every minute of her dwindling babyhood. I consider them babies until at least 3 LOL She will probably be considered a baby until my dying breath, because she is really my baby.....unless, of course, God has a little prank to play on me later on. : O Which would really be fine, but if my plans work out, she will be the caboose.

These pictures were taken the other morning by Savannah. They really aren't very good, but I just love them. She is such a happy baby and loves to dance with her morning cartoons.

Sophia DancingSophia Dancing

She loves to do anything Samuel and Ava do, they are still at the point that they love having their little sister follow around after them. I am sure that won't be lasting too much longer now that she can easily get into their stuff.

Samuel and Sophia

Chad's Mom and Dad dropped by to give Sophia her gift, we will be celebrating this coming weekend because the older kids had too much going on this weekend.

Sophia and Ava

The school year is in full swing now, and I am scrambling to keep up! The girls have ballet 3 nights a week, there is church and sewing for Savannah on Wednesdays, Ava has speech therapy on Tuesdays and everyone has somewhere they want to go on the weekends! I am still homeschooling 3 of the children and Sydney and Parker are in a private high school which necessitates that I pick them up everyday. Thank God their school is only 5 minutes away. I feel like I live in that 15 passenger van sometimes. The house is a wreck and I often choose to sew or knit during those few free moments over cleaning up, which doesn't help to get the house out of wreckage mode! Oh well, as stressful and busy as things are right now, I am really very happy. I know one day I will have all of the free time I want and I will wish for these busy busy days with my children. I am really trying to enjoy my life where it is this very moment. I know from experience that I will look back and only remember the good times, I am trying to learn to truly enjoy the good times while they are happening.


Mands said...

I can't believe she is one!
That picture of her dancing in hilarious. For a second I thought she was playing with a fake gun...look at her left hand...haha

Mands said...

*her right...our left

Tonya said...

LOL Mandy, you're right, I think that is the kids' Wii.
Amelia will be a year old soon too, where in the world did this past year go?!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!!
I used to consider my kids babies until age 3, but now that my youngest will be 4 in just a couple weeks, I am rethinking my stance on that. He will definitely be my baby forever. :)

Have a great day!

Autum said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Sophia!!!
I can't believe it has been a year already. Love the dancing pictures!


Marie said...

Happy birthday baby girl! She grew up so fast!

Tine said...

Happy birthday sweet Sophia! Who knows if she will be your last?! I thought 7 was more than anyone could handle, but no......you handle 8! You are amazing!

Home's Jewels said...

A friend of mine had an interesting FB status today - it said something to the effect that this was the first day everybody else was doing school but her. She was a homeschooling mama for 19 yrs and now the youngest one is in college. Someone asked what she was going to do with her time and she responded she had 19 yrs of housecleaning to catch up on :) I'm in the same boat as you, too :)

Khris78 said...

Happy Birthday Sophia, she is so cute dancing!!!!
I only have four children but when i had a crisis of heart and decided i wanted more babies we decided to become Foster Parents so i may continually have a baby on my hip for the next 30 years ( i hope )