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Friday, October 15, 2010

quilting, crocheting and knitting oh my!

moms quilt

Yes, I am still in the process of quilting my Mom's quilt. I am definitely a slow poke when it comes to quilting. However, I can confidently say I am 3/4 of the way done! I am free motion quilting in each of the blocks. You can see the quilting clearly in the hot pink block. I must say once I got the hang of it, I fell in love with free motion quilting. I think I will only be using my walking foot for applying the binding. I find even straight line quilting is easier free motion. I havn't touched the quilt in over a week because I have just been too busy, I miss it. Hopefully I can sit down with it this weekend. I am using this and these which makes the process SO much easier and more enjoyable!


I also recently taught myself to crochet. While I do enjoy it, I still think I prefer the process of knitting. However, you can't beat the speed of crochet projects. I think I did the majority of this hat in just a few hours, and I am a slow crocheter.


I finally bit the bullet and decided I was going to knit a sweater for myself! For some reason this has always intimidated me! This will be the Central Park Hoodie when I am done. I picked a Cardigan because I do live in South Louisiana and having a sweater you can easily take off is a good idea. I am using Knitpicks yarn so that the sweater was actually affordable. Would have loved to do it in Malabrigo, but I can't be spending over $100 on yarn for one sweater! I find knitpicks yarn is a great and, more importantly, affordable option. This is Swish Worsted Weight 100% Merino yarn. The color is discontinued unfortunately. It is only 3.99 for a 110 yard ball, you can't beat that especially considering I needed 11 balls for this sweater! I have all of the parts finished and just need to seam them together and pick up stitches to knit the hood. It should be finished in time for cool enough weather to actually wear it! I am so excited because it looks like it is actually going to fit me! I was a good girl and swatched : ) Thank goodness, because I had to go up 2 needle sizes from what was recommended. Apparently I am a very tight knitter lol


Jessica took all of these pictures for me when she was here the other day taking Sophia's pictures. thank you Jess ; ) It is so nice having my own personal photographer lol


Mands said...

I was gonna say...man you have a nice camera..those pictures are great! ha...Can't wait to see the sweater on!

Tine said...
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Tine said...

Oh my! That quilt is wonderful! The quilting you are doing is fantastic!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your Mum's quilt is looking amazing. Love your FMQ:)

We lived in Houston in 2000/2001 and San Antonio in 1996 - I hope to return one day. We did get the chance to visit New Orleans as well - what a lovely part of the world you are in.

Cheryl said...

Tonya, I just found your blog through One Shabby Chick (which I love!) and noticed that you are also from South Louisiana. I live in New Orleans! Your projects are just gorgeous! Really, gorgeous! How do you ever find the time? Did you find a way to get 48 hours in each day? ;)

Jona said...

The quilt is coming along beautifully! I remember when you bought those fabrics and it's so nice to see it all coming together (slow and steady wins the race, or so they say). Your mom is going to treasure that quilt for life!

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