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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Week Late

Sophia's 1st bday cake

We celebrated Sophia's one year birthday a little over a week late, but later is better than never, right? At one, they don't know any different lol We just had a very laid back party with our family and my Mom and Dad (Maw Maw and Paw Paw) With this cool weather, gumbo was on the menu. Down here in South Louisiana, we get excited when the temps dip into the 60's because that is officially cool enough for gumbo! LOL We have even been known to put the thermostat down to 65 and eat it in the summer time ; ) However, traditionally it is a cool weather treat. And the weather has been beyond awesome!!! Our air conditioner hasn't kicked on in over a week. We just leave the kitchen windows cracked and it keeps the entire house nice and cool. It even dipped into the high 40's a couple of mornings, which is very cool for this time of year. It actually feels like fall! Please God, let it stay like this! I remember the year that I gave birth to a 10lb Isabella, it was suffocatingly hot until the first cold front came through on October 13, the day I had her!

Beautiful Day
always close by
two equally lovely views from my hammock : ) I can't sit down anywhere without at least two little ones pretty much on top of me lol

I have really been trying to record the special and ordinary things that happen during our life. I have been so inspired by this blog. I want to be able to look back 10 years from now and be able to see what we were doing. Even the boring everyday stuff, especially the boring everyday stuff, because those are the things that we tend to forget. I want to remember it all, and the older I get, the more I tend to forget. I hope to have this blog to look back on one day to help me remember how wonderful my life really was. Having just experienced my oldest child officially turning 18 has really made me realize how fast childhood flies by!

View from my kitchen window
View from my kitchen window
the view from my kitchen sink

I just love a man that can cook!


Sophia got the remote control!

Me chasing Sophia, she found the remote and doesn't want me to take it away from her. Her goal in life is to play with a cell phone or the remote control lol

Bob stalking something

Here you can see Bob is indeed missing his entire tail lol

sohpia and bob

Sophia and Bob

I don't think Bob wants to play.... he looks very unimpressed lol


Parker, my second oldest, is always running from the camera. I managed to sneak a quick picture anyway. My Mom and Sophia

My Mom with Sophia

Fifis personal cake

Isabella made both cakes, thank you Isabella! I am so happy to have a daughter that enjoys decorating cakes, way too stressful for me. And she does such a beautiful job of it!

Here we all are singing Happy Birthday to Sophia. You can hear Chad's heavy Cajun accent and our extremely tone deaf family, I apologize in advance. Gosh, we are some loud people! I just got the video, forgot to take pictures.


Mands said...

I love your family....they crack me up. Ava trying to get Sophia to eat that cake...haha
Amelia is the same way! The remote or the cell phone are her favorite 'toys.'
I hope I have plenty of everyday pictures to look back on..I agree. That's what I want to remember. Those are the moments that make up your life.

Tonya said...

LOL Mandy! Yeah, you have seen my children in action. Aren't you impressed that they have clothes on?! LOL

Mands said...

HA...they were clothed! They dress for birthdays. Clothes are for special occasions only. At least for Sam and Ava.

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