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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Big 4 0

happy to be outside

This Friday I am going to be turning 40 years old....it almost doesn't even seem real! How can I possibly be 40? My Mom was only 41 when I got married and at the time I thought she was so old! Am I old?! I don't feel like I should be any older than maybe 31. Most days I don't really even feel like an adult lol This birthday is kinda hard for me, and I am not someone who worries overmuch about my age, but 40 IS middle age and I don't see myself as a middle age woman. Oh well, I guess I should just embrace it because next year I will be 41, then 42, 43 and before I know it I will be 50!!!! LOL I know, just take one year at a time, Tonya! I will be celebrating in the Big Easy with my 3 best girlfriends and our husbands. I know we will have a blast, we always do when we are all together. It has been one of *those* weeks, so I will definitely enjoy the break as well and the kids will enjoy being spoiled rotten by my mother.

brother and sister
Samuel is such a good big brother, he is always tending to his baby sister.

I know the pictures have nothing to do with me turning 40. I took them the other day and had a post all written out in my head, but I have now totally forgotten what I was going to say lol A definite sign of age, if I don't write something down the minute I think of it, it will be out of my head in 30 seconds!

cowgirl princess lol
My little cowgirl princess, she wears this outfit most days.

so serious

Sweet eyes
Giving us her *sweet eyes*

Have I said lately how much I love this baby girl?! She is at that enchanting age where she is still a baby but can do big girl things. The fact that she has hardly any hair makes her seem even younger than her 18 months. She has started talking up a storm. She says Mama, baby, door, poo poo, kitty cat, tv, Sydney, ninny, Daddy, drink, all done, eat, nana (banana), night night, eyes, and more that I can't think of right now. Also, she will repeat most words after us. This is such a blessing because Ava has a pretty severe speech delay/impediment and I was worried that Sophia might have it too. Apparently not, thank the Lord! Ava wasn't talking at all until after 2 and didn't say much until she was 3. Ava is in speech therapy and is steadily improving, but I am glad we don't have to worry about it with Sophia.
I am enjoying every minute I can because she will be my last baby and I have to soak as much up as I can to hold me over until I have grandbabies : )

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I know I will !

P.S. I am almost done with the quilting on my Mom's quilt! Like seriously, only about 2 hours left!!!! I really enjoy the binding, so hopefully I will have a finished quilt to show you in a week or two! woooo hooooo!!!!!


Amber said...

I'm a few years away form 40 but I feel the EXACT same way...how can I possible be this old? LOL! You look great and not at all 40 if that helps - hope you have a super fun time!
I was looking at your pics on Flickr and thinking how big Sophia looked - that went by so fast!

Tonya said...

LOL thanks Amber, it helps a little ; ) But seriously, where *does* the time go?! Kinda scary!

beki said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Have a fabulous time this weekend!!

Kelci said...

Happy Birthday Tonya! You feel 30 and you LOOK 30! If I had 8 kids, I'm pretty sure I would look 50 at 40:)