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Friday, March 4, 2011

child prodigy?



Sophia has taken a liking to our piano and in my opinion she is very good for a 17 month old LOL Now let me say that nobody in my house is an accomplished pianist. I took lessons when I was in third grade and quit after a year (really wish I wouldn't have). My 14 year old Sydney teaches herself popular songs off of the internet. She does well, but there is no formal training. Mainly we all just play around on it. Before Sophia could pull herself up on the bench, she would reach that fat little hand up and softly touch the keys, but as soon as girlfriend could haul herself up there, she was playing away! And the funny thing is, she doesn't pound on the keys like I assume a baby would. She carefully touches the keys individually. I am just kidding about the whole prodigy bit, but I do wonder if maybe she has some natural talent. My piano teacher did beg my parents not to let me quit, because in his opinion I was very good. So who knows, maybe she got it from me ; ) LOL

Just pretend you don't see the dust and fingerprints all over the piano lol

Oh, and in case you are wondering why we have such a nice piano when no one takes lessons? Well, we were blessed by some friends of ours (thank you Guidrys!) Their oldest daughter decided she didn't want to play anymore and they hated to see the piano not being used. Sydney would always play on it when she would go to their home. So, we traded an unused treadmill that we had for their piano. We definitely came out on the sweet end of that deal!

Baby in motion!

On the quilting/sewing front, I have been sadly out of it. I am determined to get back into it, I think it really helps my emotional well being. And I am double determined to get my Mom's quilt finished. I know, I know, it is still not finished. I think we are going on 2 1/2 years now...pathetic, I know. Sooooooo, this morning I cleared off my cutting table (which is where I machine quilt). It was so bad, I had to dust everything LOL It is now ready to go, my goal is to have it done for Mother's Day. Really, there isn't much left, I don't know why I didn't finish it months ago.


Now to show you the sad state of the rest of my sewing room. Crap is everywhere! My husband is painting some shelves that will help a lot with getting things organized, but let's be honest, not having extra shelving is not the problem lol


It doesn't help that this room also doubles as the laundry room and my kids have their presence there as well. My daughter Sydney has taken over my chair in the corner to do her homework in the afternoons.

Please don't call hoarders on me!

The stack of books on the stool is for her research paper. My stack of books is in my room on the bedside table where it belongs LOL




Mands said...

If I knew what you wanted and what you didn't I would totally come and help organize. I don't know why..but I really like helping OTHER people clean and organize. Why don't I like it for myself?? haha

Em said...

My sewing room is exactly the same as yours!!! It's a sewing/homework/play/laundry room... usually has piles everywhere! It's nice to see I'm not the only one with a messy work space!

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