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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back to Life (back to reality LOL)

It is funny how when you are used to taking care of so many people, you feel lost when you only have yourself to look after. When we left late Friday morning, I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. I think it was because I didn't have any of the children with me LOL I didn't let that bother me for long though : )

First, we drove to Nottoway Plantation, which is south of Baton Rouge. They call it the White Castle of Louisiana. If you like plantation homes, you will love this place. I can't imagine what it would have been like to live in this beautiful home. Sometimes, I wish I was born 150 years ago, then I remember that they didn't have air conditioning LOL They did have indoor bathrooms though, with heated water, which was impressive for that time. Still, can you imagine wearing those huge gowns with corsets, and there being no cool air. The fact that this is South Louisiana makes it even worse. It gets horribly hot and humid down here during the summer. I imagine it would be like wearing a wedding gown everyday. Beautiful, but not very comfortable.

Me, standing on the massive front porch at Nottoway

The front of Nottoway, taken from the levee in front, holding back the Mississippi River.

After touring Nottoway, we made our way to St. Francisville to check into our bed and breakfast. We stayed at the Cottage Plantation (not the Cotton Plantation LOL). The grounds were unbelievably beautiful!!!! We drove through about a half a mile of woods, across a small wooden bridge, after which the landscape opened up onto acres and acres of old live oaks with spanish moss draping the branches. Some of these live oaks were 200+ years old. Amazingly beautiful! We had a beautiful room in the main house furnished with many antiques. The bed was king size though, so not an antique, but beautiful and comfortable. Every morning, they brought coffee up to our room and then served us a huge country breakfast in the main dining room. It was so nice to be served like this, I am usually doing all of the serving LOL Oh, and we could not have asked for more perfect weather. A cool front came through on Friday night, so it was cool in the mornings and around 70 during the day. GORGEOUS!

The front of the house at the Cottage Plantation, where we stayed.

The back of the house, the middle dormer was our room.

The inside of our room

This sweet dog greeted us everytime we returned to the plantation. This place would be heaven on earth for a dog!

We spent the weekend eating, antiquing and walking around the beautiful old town. I found a few treasures that I will share in a later post. Sunday morning, after breakfast, we walked around the grounds at the plantation and then went to Baton Rouge and hung out at the Barnes and Noble for a few hours. My two favorite kinds of stores are fabric stores and book stores, so browsing with no time limit was nice. Then we ate lunch and did some shopping at the outlet shops in Gonzalez. I was glad to get home, I really missed my babies. I enjoyed the break, but love my life and home.

Me, sitting on a huge root from one of the 200 year old live oaks

One of my favorite old homes in the historic district of St. Francisville


beki said...

That sounds like a wondeful time! It's been years since I've done any plantation home touring. Back in high school & college I used to be a tour guide. I wore the big hoop skirts and everything. That was fun, but we wore shorts and tennis shoes under our skirts :)

Tine said...

It does sound like a fantastic time! WOW! And....I did read the name as The Cotton Plantation.... LOL! But the Cottage Plantation is beautiful :-)
I can't even imagine a whole weekend without my kids, it's been so long! It has actually never happened :-(
It must be so nice to have some time together, just you and your sweeetheart!

marievilla said...

Looks like my idea of a dream getaway. I love anything historical-how fun and how special to be able to get away with your hubby!

lera said...

Wow! What great photos. Looks like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Brings back memories. . my first job out of college I moved from Washington state to Baton Rouge. Since I didn't know a single soul, I spent a lot of time seeing historical sites. . .including Nottoway. Good for you that you made room for personal time!

SewQt said...

My mom recently went though Louisiana and took a picture of an empty old home that reminded me of a small plantation home (really not that small)...beautiful! We are moving from MI to TN soon. I would love to do a tour of Plantation homes! Where you stayed looks amazing...the trees! Oh how I LOVE trees! I think we may have a lot in common...my two favorite places are fabric shops and books stores! And just from reading your 'about me'...I've been married 18 years and we have four kids (9-16) that I home-educate...challenging for sure!

SewQt said...

I just wanted to let you know that I e-mailed you...subject "Butterfly Impressions"