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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poverty Point

Well, Austin's golf tournament was canceled, but we took our trip anyway. The cabin was already paid for, and my dh needed to get away. I am the type that likes to stay at home, dh loves to travel. If it were up to him and we could afford it, we would travel every month. I, on the other hand, like to stay in my nest. Once we get somewhere, I really do enjoy myself, but a vacation once or twice a year is more than enough for me.

This is our first time at Poverty Point State Park. It is one of the nicest state parks that we have ever stayed at. They have a nice RV campground with a water playground for the kids. They also have a marina and beach area and several hiking trails. We are staying in the cabins on the lake. They are less than a year old, and really beautiful in a log cabin sort of way. Actually,we got to stay in two different ones LOL I was not exactly happy about this. Before Austin's tournament was canceled, we had to be here from Tuesday through Friday. They didn't have 3 nights straight in one cabin, so we had to stay in one cabin Tuesday night and then pack up everything today and move to the other cabin for the next two nights (yes, I wanted to cry). The first cabin was older, with a loft and a bigger porch. It wasn't on the water, but was in the woods. The cabin we are in now is on the water. While we have a beautiful view and the kids can fish right off the front porch, it is making me a little nervous with Samuel and Ava. The older children are good about helping us keep an eye on them, and if Chad and I aren't out there, we lock the door. The hard part is they stand at the door and cry until we take them out lol Oh, and did I mention that the cabins have flat screen tv's with satellite?!

Yeah, we are really roughing it LOL This is totally my idea of *camping* : D Even dh has to admit that doing it this way has its advantages over the tent. And we obviously have WiFi, I can get my blog fix everyday : )

This is the front porch with rocking chairs, the kids spent most of the day fishing. They caught LOTS of catfish. We just throw them back in, dh wasn't in the mood to clean fish, we had spaghetti for dinner : )

This is a cabin on the side of us, ours is identical.

Here are some pictures of the cabin we stayed in last night.

I loved the back porch, it was shady and surrounded by trees.

Ava was posing for us LOL

I even managed to get some knitting in this afternoon while watching tv. Dh took the kids to the beach area, so it was nice and quiet : ) I finished a whole baby bootie, I will show them when I finish the second one.


Tine said...

eeeeks! having to pack everything up to move would make me want to cry too!!
The cabins look very very nice, definately better than a tent :-)
Living right on the water must be a dream for the older children! And quite a hazzle for you with the little ones...
Hope you have a great vacation!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a gorgeous holiday spot! It looks amazing - I am sure you will come back recharged from your break. Looking forward to seeing those booties.

Marie said...

Wow-how beautiful! That is totally my idea of camping too! I am wishing I was there right now. Vacations are always nice. I think it's always stressful on the mom because of all the packing and planning involoved for all the kids. I love to travel, but not so much anymore with kids. I look forward to when they get older and it gets a little easier. Have fun!

randi said...

Lovely place to visit!

That looks like my kind of camping! I haven't slept in a tent for years and ,lucky for me, my hubs isn't much interested in that anymore either. He would rather stay in a cabin, too.

muralimanohar said...

That's not camping, you wuss. :p But OMG, it DOES look awesomely fun!!! I might even be able to drag dh out of the house if we could go "camping" with wifi!!!! lol