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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Catching up

The weather in South Louisiana has been beautiful lately. We have had several cool fronts move through. This cools our temps into the 50's and 60's for lows and the low 80's for the highs. It is actually pleasant to be outside. My whole family, with the exception of moi, love to camp. With our schedule lately, there is no time for any camping trips, so the kids have been setting the tent up on the deck and sleeping out there at night. They enjoy playing in it during the day as well. My children are hardly roughing it, they have electricity run to the tent to power the tv and the fan lol Plus, the bathroom is conveniently a short walk into the house. Even with all of these comforts, I would much rather sleep in my cozy bed ; ) Poor dh thought he could convert me into a lover of tent camping, however he is slowly realizing that will never happen. I really hate to get dirty and not be able to get clean before going to bed. And taking a shower in a communal campground bathroom fails to leave me feeling very clean *shudder*. I do love the outdoors, but only if I know I can go to a nice clean place to clean up and sleep. We talk of one day buying a rv, but right now that just doesn't make sense financially. We would probably only have time to use it 3 or 4 times a year. Knowing my dh, we will probably be one of those old couples who travel all over the United States in their camper. Just so I have my own bed and bathroom, I'm great with that ; )

Here is Samuel watching an old Barney tape in the tent : )

Ooops, he discovered me taking his picture, so he had to come pose : )

Things are still crazy busy, but I have managed to get a little sewing in. I finished piecing the top of my quilt. Now, I just need to add my side strips and piece the back. I am still deciding how I want to quilt it. I sorta want to do circles inside of the squares, but realize I should probably stick with straight lines for my first attempt. I need to buy a walking foot this week. I would like it to be fairly heavily quilted, any ideas, something using straight lines? I know I should just stick with stitching in the ditch or something easy like that, but I really love lots of heavy quilting on quilts.

I am getting the itch to start sewing some fall clothes for me and the kids. I love the new Oliver + S patterns for fall. So cute! Football will be over in 2 weeks, my free time should increase when that is over. Our homeschooling is falling into a good routine, so that should help too. The start of the school year is always a little crazy.

Oh, and I got to get together with Marie, AGAIN! When I went to Houston last weekend on my girl's trip, we met on Saturday night for dinner. I really enjoyed getting to see and visit with her again. The girl's getaway was so much fun! We shopped, ate out, talked and rented Sex and the City one night. Great girlfriend's movie. I got very little sleep, but was still rested. It was nice to only have myself to take care of for a couple of days.


Jessica said...

Oh I love to camp...especially in the backyard!! (One only goes into the mountains to be poured on before the backyard seems far enough away!) That quilt is looking great!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your quilt top looks gorgeous!! I am so with you on the camping thing - thankfully the rest of my family feel the same.

muralimanohar said...

Heehee, you are my dh's counterpart...I have gotten him to agree to travel the States with me when we are older, by promising him we can do it in a pimped out RV. :p My original plan of biking it was just not cutting it. Lol

ladydi said...

What a cutie your Samuel is! Love the quilt top - it's gorgeous. It's wonderful that things are falling into place, and you have some sewing time again.

Marie said...

That's my kind of camping too...Samuel is so cute!
Your quilt top looks great! I'm slowly trying to find time to sew too-had fun with you all when you were here!

randi said...

I am the party pooper when it comes to camping too! We tried the RV thing, but I will say that it reminded me of spending a weekend with all the kids and my hubs in a room the size of a bathroom. It rains a lot here in the summer, so we found ourselves huddled inside a little too often. I am certainly not trying to discourage you, just mentioning my experience! ;)

kraftykash said...

Your quilt turned out great! Im with you about camping. :)

Take Care-Kashoan

Tine said...

I totally agree with you when it comes to camping! LOL!
Your quilt is so beautiful!!! About the actual quilting, I find quilting in the ditch extremely difficult! Not that I find other kinds of quilting easy....you know what I mean!
Anyway, it's hard to stay in the ditch, and when I try it always comes out looking sloppy :-(
How did they quilt it on the pattern? Any ideas there? Or maybe search for it on flickr or google and see if you can get any ideas that way.....

Tiff said...

Camping is so much fun. I don't mind the dirt as long as I can go home and take a nice hot shower every few days! Your quilt is coming along nicely. Love the fabrics!

Anonymous said...

Your quilt top is delicious. I can't wait to see the finished project.

Also, I totally get that camping thing. It is sooo wrong to get into bed sticky-dirty. Give me a shower and some crisp sheets, please.

Take care,

thriftymrs said...

My bloglines seems to have failed me as it doesn't seem to have been telling me when you have updated your blog.
I love the quilting, really pretty.

My Inspired Heart said...

We love camping in the backyard! We stayed out there last week...and the kids also play in it during the day. We roast hot dogs and have a great time :) I do however go shower off at last and tip toe out to the tent, lol! I must be clean to sleep :)

I love the quilt! I'm wanting to start one of my own hopefully next week. I've never done one before, so I'm sure it will be an experience!