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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Somewhat Random

 sophia 18 1/2 months

 sophia 18 1/2 months

sophia 18 1/2 months

I have been spending quite a bit of time in my sewing room the past week. Whenever I am in there, the two littlest, Sophia and Ava are usually with me. The other night I was sewing away on the sashing for my Dresden circle when I noticed Sophia playing so sweetly and quietly. I grabbed my camera and was able to capture her before she noticed me. Once she sees the camera she wants to see the screen, so picture taking is done lol Excuse the photo editing, I have no idea what I was trying to do, they all look different and not too great LOL I swear, I could just sit and watch this child play all day. She is so cute and I want to soak her in before she becomes a big kid, then a teenager. It all happens so fast : ( I know I probably say this every post, but it is so true, they are growing up at the speed of light it seems and I am trying to hang on to every minute!

mom's quilt

YES!!!! After 2 1/2 Y E A R S! I am almost finished!!!! All that is left is the binding, Hallelujah! Even though it took forever, I am really happy with the finished project. My Mom is going to use this as her bedspread, so I wanted it to be really nice. This was my first attempt at free motion quilting and I really enjoyed it. You can so see the blocks that I started with, very wonky and not so great lol But I improved so much, and I am hoping once it is washed, the wonky blocks won't stand out so much. My Mom says she likes the not so perfect ones, she loves that my first big quilt was for her, mistakes and all. Something a loving Mom would appreciate : ) I am sewing the binding this week, so I should have a completely finished quilt soon!!!

 ava 5

Ava wanted to pose with the quilt : ) Love the morning light. She is getting so big too, where are my babies going?!

dresden block

My first Dresden block almost done! This is for the quilt along with Lily's Quilts. First time I have joined one and I have really enjoyed it : ) Can't wait to have it finished, this is going to hang in my sewing room and it makes me so happy to look at. Considering making a quilt with this pattern, it only takes 6 blocks for a good sized quilt. Not sure if I would use the same fabrics or do something new. I think picking fabric is one of my favorite parts of the process.

has to be touching mama

This is how I usually sew, scooted up to the edge of my chair so Miss Thang can sit with me lol Chad jokes that her umbilical cord isn't quite severed yet. That's ok though, I love that my baby wants to be by me.


More sweet eyes : D Hope everyone had a great weekend, I did!

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Mands said...

The block is awesome!! The colors look so good :)
Sophia is hilarious..her hair has grown a lot in the back since even I saw her last!