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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seam Ripping

Well, I have been doing a ton of this lately. I spent most of last weekend and the beginning of the week trying to make the Amy Butler Lotus tunic. There is nothing wrong with the pattern, it is actually very well written and easy to understand. The seam ripping was the cause of user error. I have been having issues with making clothes a size too small, so to avoid another outfit that had to be given to my skinny minny friend, I went too big this time. First, I made the size Large. WAY too big! I was smart though, and only basted the main seams together, so there wasn't much ripping and I was prepared to rip anyway. So, I decide to go with the medium, but being afraid to end up with something too small decided to use a 3/8 inch seam allowance instead of the 1/2 inch the pattern calls for. In the middle of this, I completely screwed up the lining and had to undo almost all of it and add the pattern piece I forgot : O I made the ultimate mistake of not trying on as I went (you think I would have learned this lesson by now, but no, I have a hard head) and when I tried on the finished (except for hemming) tunic, the neckline was too wide because of my 3/8 inch seams. It has been sitting on my sewing table since Tuesday, I have to undo at least the two front panel seams and bring them in and I am just too aggravated to deal with it right now!

So, I started a baby gift I was needing to make. I used a pattern that I have made before, so that I wouldn't feel like a complete sewing idiot. Also, a baby romper doesn't have to fit me! This is for the pastor's wife at my Mom's church. She recently gave birth to her 15th child, her 10th boy!!!!! He was over 10lbs at birth, so I made a size medium, my mom said he is really big. She is giving it to her today, I hope she likes it. This was made with the new Ginger Blossom fabric, I really love this line, it makes me happy : ) I paired it with a tan linen that I repurposed from a skirt I had made for myself a couple of years ago that just didn't fit right(do you see a theme here? LOL). I put some machine embroidery and piping across the top. I am really loving the embroidery stitches on my machine. I need to write a post on my sewing machine one day, I absolutely LOVE it! It is a Kenmore 19606, and is a really impressive machine for a reasonable price.

I need to go and make a couple more rompers. My best friend's oldest daughter just had a beautiful baby boy and my "sister's" son just had his first child. I think I may just copy this exact one. This should build my sewing confidence back up again before I try to make anything else for myself LOL


beki said...

The romper is adorable!
Too bad about the fitting issues, I know what a pain that is.

Petra said...

I hope all the ripping didn't put you off...
Wanna see pics of the tunic asap!! :-)
And the romper is really cute... That fabric is indeed awfully pretty!!

SewQt said...

I can so relate to your frustrations with your tunic!
Your romper is beautiful! Very nice work. And rompers are sooo cute on little boys. And sometimes that's all you need is a break to make something great and then go back to that-that challenges you.

Liz R. said...

cute romper! great job! i love the embroidery detail.

sewing clothes for your self - i learned from a good friend (and i'm SURE you already know this, but it was new- and exciting to me). she said you don't go off of the measurements on the back of the pattern, but off of the "ease" measurement that is located on the actual pattern piece. i tried this (only once so far) but it worked!

you have to post your tunic on the fabric co-op so we can all see it. ! i'm interested to see what it looks like on!

lera said...

That is adorable! It looks very heirloom quality.

Kathy said...

I love this romper. Can you tell me what pattern you used? I am looking for a cute romper pattern for my son, and this is such an inspiration!

Kathy said...

This romper is adorable! Can you tell me what pattern you used? I have been looking for a great pattern for my son, and this is such an inspiration!


Tonya said...

thanks Kathy : )

I used Butterick 5439. I changed it a little. On the front piece I cut off the top 1/4 of the pattern and cut it on the fold instead of in two pieces. I wanted a solid piece for the linen. I also added linen piping. It is an easy pattern, let me see what you make with it : )

New England Quilter said...

The romper is adorable!!