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Monday, July 21, 2008

a couple of things

This little dress started out as a skirt for me, for some reason I have been on this creative ideas kick. I get an idea in my head, and I hurry up and try it. I really need to think through things a little more. I just took some fabric, squared it up, cut it in half and sewed two seams. I didn't flare it out like I needed to for a full skirt, which is what I was wanting. The idea was for a shirred waist skirt. I have one and it is so comfortable. Anyway, no problem, I just turned it into a little sundress for the girls : ) It's perfect for them, and they love it. I am going to whip up a couple more, so they don't fight over this one LOL Very quick and easy project. Elastic thread is so cool! Sorry about the lighting in these pictures, I had the macro setting on and didn't realize it. The pictures came out too bright, but I had no time to retake them. I got this fabric for $1.50 a yard on clearance at Joann's.

Oh! Look what I figured out to do on my serger! I have had this serger for 3+ years and have never ventured past doing a basic overlock stitch. Well, Saturday I got brave and figured out how to do a rolled edge and picot edge. All it involved was removing the stitch finger and setting the little knob to R or P. I can't believe that I could have been using this nifty feature all of this time. In my head, it was just so difficult to do. You can do a rolled hem in about 1 minute, AWESOME!

My little niece, Stella, is turning 5, so I am making her the Oliver + S Puppet Show Tunic and shorts. So far, I just have everything cut out. I am using Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric in these two prints. Not quite sure what I am going to use for the shorts. I am thinking some brown linen with matching fabric pockets.

I also found some more $10 sheets at Target. I love the color of these.

We are going out of town for the rest of the week. Oldest son has a golf tournament in North Louisiana, so we are going to take a mini vacation. We rented a cabin at a State Park. My whole family loves to tent camp, except me lol I love the outdoors, but at night, I want a clean bathroom and bed. So, the cabin is the compromise : ) They are pretty rustic, but they have indoor plumbing, and that is my main requirement. Oh, and air conditioning, maybe they aren't so rustic, after all lol Supposedly this park has internet access(definitely NOT rustic), so we shall see. If they do, I will blog. I am going to miss my sewing machine, but am going to bring some knitting and embroidery projects with me so I have a creative outlet.


jona said...

Very cute sundress (on a very pretty girl!). I need to do more shirring but it still intimidates me a little.

Aren't those rolled hems the best?! I love making those (and it's fun to try different colors of thread for contrast). Have a great vacation!!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Have a great vacation - I am so with you on the tent thing!! Your daughters sundress turned out really well - looks so nice and cool for summer. Can't wait to see the outfit you make for your neice - I love Amy's happy dot fabric.

Marie said...

I love doing a rolled hem too! I should do it more often...cute dress on your beautiful daughter! Don't forget to take pictures of the cabin and your trip-have a great time!

Tine said...

LOL! Maybe I will try to tackle some of the seams on my serger too! I find it quite intimidating for some reason..
The sundress is really cute, and what a bargain on the sheets! I get cheap sheets at IKEA and use the fabric :-)
But they usually don't have anything as nice as what you have found.

Have a nice vacation! And good luck to your son!
I agree with you about the tent-thing!

SewQt said...

Wow...you have been busy and everything is gorgeous as always! I especially like the 'sheet' dress from the previous post.

muralimanohar said...

You've been sewing..I'm jealous!! I managed to cut several things out, but while I was plastered to the heater. I'm too scared to go into my sewing room, though...I might sew over my finger and not realize it, cause they are so numb from the cold!!! :p