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Friday, July 11, 2008

Knitting, cross stitch and a broken sewing machine

I did finish my shirt and I will share it later, no pictures yet. I thought I would show y'all my sad first sock. First of all, I needed to use smaller needles. My sock is WAY too wide LOL I used size 3 dpns, I think I need size 1 or 2. I am going to order some of the new Harmony needles from Knitpicks because they are prettier than the ones at my LYS. I am gonna just unravel the sock and start over. I paid $8 for this yarn, I am not going to waste it! And look at my holes and dropped stitches, not pretty LOL

I also took some pictures of a jewelry box that I stitched a cover for. Before I learned to sew or knit I learned to cross stitch. I was just pregnant with my first child and picked up a Christmas ornament kit at Walmart. I was instantly addicted, it was the first really crafty thing I had ever done and I loved it. I really wish I would have learned how to sew and knit and embroider when I was young. I feel like I wasted all of this time not doing something that I really love. However, my mom wasn't into these things, nor was anyone else I knew, so there really was no inspiration for me to learn. I am so glad my girls are learning all of these things at a young age, they will always be able to enjoy them.

Anyway, I eventually taught myself to do other counted thread work on fine linen. For years this was my only fiber hobby. I didn't really learn to sew until about 5 years ago and only learned to knit 3 years ago. Since picking up sewing and knitting, I have done very little counted thread work. I really miss it, I think I may start a new project, Lord knows I have a big enough stash of the stuff LOL I think I will start sharing some of my projects on here. I *think* this is a Lori Birmingham chart, I got it while at a cross stitching convention in Houston. It is stitched on 32 count linen. It sits on my dresser and I really use it for some of my jewelry. It is really nice for when we travel, I can just stick the whole box in my suitcase. The R stands for Richard (pronounced Ree-shard, remember we are French Canadian). You can click on the pictures to see the stitching close up.

Today and tomorrow I will be sewing two little dresses and blankets for twin baby girls. One of my good friends is having her baby shower Sunday and I thought that the itty bitty baby dress pattern from Made by Rae would be adorable. I first saw this made up on Creative Little Daisy for her brand new granddaughter Bayleigh. I got this and this from Jona at Fabritopia, I think it will be adorable for twin girls : )

The reason I am so behind on my sewing is because I had a broken machine for half the week. Well, not the whole machine, thank goodness, but the spring for my feet holder popped off. I tried to fix it but the screw that holds it in place was stripped. I have a Janome dealer near my house, so went there praying that they would have the replacement part, since Kenmores are made by Janome. I couldn't find the part on Sears.com, so was sort of panicing. I *need* my sewing machine. It took me two days to remember the Janome dealer LOL My brain isn't working at full speed lately.

Oh, and I got my invite from Spoonflower!!!! Not that I have any clue how to design my own fabric, but if I figure it out, I can LOL


hautemommy said...

Woooo, glad your sewing machine is fixed!! :) And can't wait to see your cute new top!! xoxoxo!

Trish said...

You've been so busy! The first sock I made was way too skinny for me. I couldn't get my foot into it - and silly me made a knee high one! The only person it fit was my 7 year old. Keep trying! The next sock came out much better after I changed needle sizes.

The counted cross stitch is beautiful! I love the shimmery thread going around and the flowers/leaves!

Love the fabric for the little dresses and can't wait to see finished pictures. :)

Oh, and what is Spoonflower exactly??


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad your got your machine repaired! Love your cros stitch jewellery box - the ssoft muted colors are lovely! I used to be big into cross stitch about 15 yrs ago. Can't wait to see your spoonflower fabric!

muralimanohar said...

I did cross stitch years ago, too, when dd was a baby...quite soothing and relaxing. :p Then I finally clicked with sewing (I have known how to sew since 5, but I was convinced the machine HATED me, and sensed my fear, :p ), and I haven't looked back since. lol

I find that when I don't have a machine, is when I come up with about ninety million ideas for projects, and get desperate to start, lol. Thank God your's is working again! Things could have gotten bad around the old PuddinPop household! lol

Rae said...

You know, I got a Spoonflower invite too, and I thought the instant I did I would start pumping out the fabric patterns. But it takes me 10 hours just to get a pattern that I KINDOF like. And then $18 a yard? I really just don't know...