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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My oldest daughter is 12!

I remember the day I found out I was going to have a girl. I was so happy, I loved my little boys, but I had always dreamed of having a girl. During the same ultrasound, they also found some complications. She had a condition called amniotic band syndrome and there was the potential for serious problems. I was 23 weeks pregnant when we found this out, and the doctors told me that if I could get to 28 weeks without these bands wrapping around her, she would be ok. Those were a long 5 weeks, everytime she would move inside me I was afraid she was getting entangled in these bands. But God was merciful, at the 28 week u/s, she was perfectly fine and the bands had calcified and were no longer a danger. I have never been so relieved in my life! She was my smallest baby at 7 lbs. 8 oz. and is still a tiny little thing. She was 11 days overdue, and has been late ever since LOL She kind of moves at her own slow pace : )

As a small child, she would constantly run into things because she never paid attention to where she was going. She had a gorgeous head full of beautiful blond curls and pale blue eyes, she looked nothing like my child lol She would talk and talk and the most hilarious things would come out of her mouth. My friends would sit and talk with her, just to see what she would say. There was a time when everything was *spooky*. She would say this with eyes open wide in the cutest little baby voice. She was and still is a passionate child, when she gets upset, watch out! LOL Dh is always saying puberty should be fun LOL

She is growing into a beautiful young woman! She is an awesome ballerina, she has beautiful grace. No clue where that came from ; ) Even when she was little she could just naturally dance. She loves her siblings, even her two annoying older brothers. She is always willing to help with the babies, not the housework, but she will do anything I need her to do with Sam and Ava. I have a feeling if I do have any more children, she will be a second little mommy to them. I am sure she will be a great mother herself when she gets older. I am so enjoying watching my daughter grow and mature, I hope we will always be close : )

I love you Sydney, Happy Birthday!!!!

this is a picture taken when her and her friends and sisters were playing in makeup. She is not allowed to wear makeup for real yet. It just gave me a glimpse of her all grown up : )


lera said...

Happy birthday to Sydney!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope Sydney has an awesome birthday!

jona said...

What a pretty girl (now go wipe that makeup off)! :)

Daughter's are so much fun (and yes, very helpful with the little ones!).

muralimanohar said...

Happy birthday, baby girl all grown up!

Lola said...

She is too cute!! My oldest is 13 and I love (and hate) to watch her grow up. It is happening too fast!!
Happy Birthday Girlie!

Tine said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations! 12 years...it sounds like puberty is not that far off.... LOL!

hautemommy said...

Happy birthday to Sydney!! She is gorgeous Tonya, what a sweet daughter you have!! I love the story about bumping into things... Andrew does that too, he doesnt pay attention to where he is going and plows right into things (or people!! hehe!) xoxoxo!

ladydi said...

Happy Birthday, Sydney! I love your counted cross stitch - so pretty. I'm so glad you got your machine fixed - maybe you can find a backup at a garage sale in case it ever needs to be repaired again. You said you learned to sew five years ago, but you didn't say how you learned. Are you self taught, or did someone help you? You mentioned a few posts ago that now your mom is learning to sew, too - nice!

alexandra said...

Happy Belated Birthday! So beautiful to cast your mind back to such memories. It's hard to believe our babies grow up so quickly. She looks like a beautiful girl. So full of life, with sparkle in her eyes!