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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Closing in the garage

Chad has been working on closing in our 600 square foot garage. We never put the cars in there (the 15 passenger van is too big lol), so it was just a lot of wasted space. Half of it will be a gameroom for the kids and the other half will be a laundry room/ sewing studio for me!!!! He plans on having it done for Mother's Day, how sweet is that : ) I cannot wait. We will have a sewing station each for me and all 3 older girls, plus shelving and a window seat. The laundry part of it will have a utility sink and folding counter. But the best thing of all will be my custom built island cutting table. I think he said it will be 4' by 8'. It will be so awesome not to have to cut my fabric on my bed anymore. He is also going to run electricity to it, so that I can put my sewing maching there when I need to quilt a quilt. The large flat surface will make things so much easier.

He has gotten a lot done on the inside, but it is boring not pretty stuff, like framing walls and running plumbing and electricity, so there isn't really much to see. However, this weekend he finished the outside. It really looks great, much better than those old 1970's garage doors that used to be there lol

Here is a view of the outside in progress, still so ugly.

And here it is finished, except for paint and doorknobs. Samuel had to model for the picture lol We will be painting the door a dark steel blue and the hardey plank siding a pale grey. I havn't decided if the trim will be white or black, probably white.

Here is a picture from the inside, not pretty! I will share pictures once he gets the sheet rock up, so y'all can see how the space will be. We found some pretty grey ceramic tiles for cheap at Home Depot, so I am thinking of painting with blues and greys. Picking paint colors makes me so nervous. My sewing studio will be on the side with the window. Oh, and all the lumber for the framing was free. It came from a window and door place that throws away all of the framing the doors are shipped in. Perfectly good lumber that they just throw away. And both new windows were repurposed from my BIL's house, they are adding on and were just going to freecycle these windows. We did have to buy the door, but got a really good deal on it. Good thing I like simple, those fancy doors are expensive!


Marie said...

Oh my goodness...it looks so awesome already! How exciting! I'm excited for you...I need to take a trip out there just to see it when it's finished. How cool that Chad is so handy. Jake is slowly getting there...BTW, I love Sam's cool little man pose in front of the garage.

Quebedeaux said...

It looks great!!! I know you are going to be thrilled when it is all done!!

Amber said...

How fun - it looks amazing already! You just need a baby swing out there (eventually) and you'll be all set :-)

Anonymous said...

How exciting..... I want one. I cut fabric on my kitchen table. More than once I've ended up with something sticky on my fabric, even when I've just wiped off the table. :)

Can't wait to see the finished project!

randi said...

Oh fun! How great to have your own little sewing spot!

Lisa said...

Lucky girls! How nice of your hubby to do this and what a wonderful Mother's Day gift. Sounds like a space I could live in!

Jana Nielson said...

Jealous of the space you'll have. My studio is little bitty.

Tine said...

What a clever man!! That is going to be so wonderful! And it looks fantastic :) Lucky lucky you.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope the garage remodel is coming along nicely - you are lucky to have such a clever husband. SOunds like it will be a dream sewing studio.