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Friday, April 29, 2011

Morning and a little Remodeling

What I looked up and saw the other morning while enjoying my coffee : ) Please excuse the mess ; )

 Ava and Sophia in the morning

 Ava and Sophia in the morning
Sophia LOVES to draw, she especially loves to draw on the Magnadoodle, it is her favorite toy!
I am so glad I bought two of them for Christmas one year (one for Samuel and one for Ava), helps out with any fighting.
 Ava and Sophia in the morning
I love how she is resting her head on her hand, so cute!
 Ava and Sophia in the morning
Hey sissy, what are you drawing?
 Ava and Sophia in the morning
Oooooh, NICE!
Ava and Sophia in the morning
Hey Mom, you caught us : D I love their big smiles!
(sorry some of the photos are blurry, I need to always remember to take pictures of the younger kids in sports mode, they move so fast lol)

Now for some pictures of one of our recent remodeling projects.....

new backsplash

Every year when we get our income tax check in our account we start our yearly remodeling. We decide ahead of time what we want to accomplish for that year. Our house was built in the early 70's, so definitely needs some updating. This year we are redoing all of the bedrooms. 3 of them have some disgusting nasty carpet in them and we are taking it OUT and putting in wood laminate. We are also repainting and adding a closet in Ava and Savannah's room. And replacing all of the hideous brown doors in the house. While we were at Home Depot looking at stuff, we came across this gorgeous glass tile for $5 a sheet!!! I have been wanting to do the backsplash in our kitchen but couldn't afford the glass tiles I wanted. Well, we couldn't pass this deal up, so we added new backsplash to our plans lol I think it came out great and looks so good with our cabinets and paint color. We replaced our stainless steel sink and faucet last year. I love our reclaimed (from a friend) porcelain sink and rubbed bronze faucet! We got the faucet for $89 at Homedepot.com! The sink is huge and deep, perfect for all of the super sized pots I have to use to cook for my super sized family lol The high faucet is great for the giant pots too : )

new backsplash
I love my aqua tea pot and kitchen accessories against the olive green.

I need to get pictures of the two bedrooms we have finished. Have to get the kids to pick up their mess first lol

Edited to add that I am *this* close to finishing Mom's quilt!!! I have about a foot of binding to handstitch and then she is DONE! Hopefully will have her photographed tomorrow morning and then I will share.


Amber said...

Yeah on the quilt finish!! And that is too cute - her little arm resting while she's drawing. The kitchen looks great! Love the high faucet!

Home's Jewels said...

Love the tile! We are remodeling our '65 house (due to having to move - ugh), but I have to say I love wood laminate - so very practical for large, busy families and it looks wonderful! We also had all of our doors/doorframes replaced and it has made an amazing difference. We also have a repurposed deep enamel sink and high faucet! :)

Tonya said...

Thank you, Amber! Yes, the high faucet makes life so much easier lol

Hey Julie Anne! Sorry you have to do all of that remodeling and won't even get to enjoy it....and yes, the wood laminate is great! I love real hardwood floors, but we couldn't afford it, plus my kids would have probably ruined it lol