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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Kelci, at Crafty Mama Creations, did a craft swap recently that I am taking part in. Well, I was surprised to get my gift in the mail yesterday! Heather made a beautiful apron for me, I adore the fabric!!!! Seriously, I have somehow missed these prints, but they are so perfect for me! Thank you Heather so so much! Can y'all believe that she hasn't sewn in 10 years?! She did a fantastic job, look how cute the big brown ric rac is! My 3 older girls are in love with it, they made sure I wore it while cooking dinner tonight : )

I snuck some pictures of my girls today. I love when I see them doing things like reading or sewing instead of watching tv, it makes me happy. Don't get me wrong, they do their share of watching tv and playing computer games LOL

Sydney has been designing dresses for her American Girl doll, I am truly amazed at how good these dresses came out. No pattern at all, just her imagination. Here is the one she made yesterday. This design is so cute, I may have her help me make one up for her and the other girls.

Isabella decided to try making a nightgown for Ava : )
When she says *cheese* she sticks her tongue out lol

Look how much my green beans grew in one day! Seriously, this is one day's growth, I took the first picture yesterday morning and the second one this morning. Amazing!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your new apron - I have never seen such lovely large ric rac! Great to see your daughters sew - my 11 year old daughter loves to sew and craft as well - it is great to see them do something productive with their time.

Your laundry tips were inspiring. I told my 13 year old son i was going to teach him - he was horrified - but you are right his future wife will thank me one day :)

HomeJewel said...

The apron is so cute and I, too, haven't seen such large ric rac. My daughter and I are going to be working on an apron hopefully tomorrow. I love it that aprons are "in" now.

Marie said...

Cute apron! I better get on the ball with sending out what I made for my craft swap gal! I love the pics of the girls reading too-especially that they're sitting outside together-love it!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Tonya, So sorry I haven't written!....Fist of all...LOVED yesterday's blog! The more I get to know you, the more I think you are the best mom ever!!! I am so proud of you!...Teaching the children to do their own laundry is teaching confidence & self respect & giving our kids the sense that they can do anything! It all starts in the home...or at least that's my opinion! I loved that blog of yours! Not at all boring my friend!!
And today's....OMGoodness that apron is so cute!!...and don't you look cute wearing it!!! I agree with the girls, you should never cook without it!
And I love that the girls are making their American Girls dolls cloths!...& Ava's! My girls had all the AG dolls too!... brings back so many memories!
Well I think it is time to make dinner too! I think I need to find a cute apron before getting started!!..write back soon....Heidi

Tine said...

Gorgeous apron! I love the big ric-rac! I have never seen anything like that before.
The dolls-dress is fantastic. Such a talented daughter you have :-)

lera said...

What a fun apron.

I also love the AG dress and the beautiful nightgown for Ava. Good job! :-)

Trish said...

The apron is cute as a button. I love it!

The doll dresses are adorable!!

SewQt said...

Your apron is very cute! Very nice fabric and ric rac. I'm going to attempt to make one for my good friends daughter once things get settled around here.
I used to love sewing American Girl doll clothes for my daughters. Sadly, they don't get them out anymore that much :-(
Your daughter did a great job on her dress...I love the way it laces up the back! Very creative.

Ringmaster said...

I just came over to you from Lola. That laundry thing is the best idea ever. I only have 4 children but laundry is the most hateful thing ever. Love your blog I will be back soon.

hautemommy said...

That apron is too cute, I love the rick rack!!! And Tonya, you are so darn cute too!!!! :)

randi said...

The apron is so cute and I think it is wonderful that your girls are becoming clothing designers. Too fun!