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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I just have some random things I wanted to share.

Here is the little dress I made for my friend. I hope it fits her little girl. I made a size 4T. She is 4, but on the bigger size of 4. I am gonna be really sad if it doesn't. Usually these patterns run a little big though, I know I still make a 2T for Ava because a 3T would be way too big. I think the godets are so cute, and for some reason I found them alot of fun to sew lol They make the skirt nice and twirly, which is very important when you are 4!

I also picked up my knitting again. I want to learn how to knit socks, so I got some cotton sock yarn and size 3 dpn's and started the Yarn Harlot's sock recipe. So far, so good! Of course, I am still just doing the leg, I havn't gotten to the heel yet lol Oh, and I am not showing you where I joined in the round, not very pretty! I should have started over, but I figure these are my first pair, I will probably mess something else up as well. I don't know why I want to knit socks, I NEVER wear socks, but there just seems to be something soothing about knitting socks, like I am doing something necessary and important(yeah right, maybe 100 years ago lol). So, my sock wearing friends will be receiving socks for gifts soon : D

Dh cut all of my baby boy's curls off yesterday : ( I love his big, crazy hair and get so sad everytime we cut it. He was complaining about how hot it was, though and it was getting bozo big, so it was time. Of course, I had to take pictures! LOL

Please ignore the fact that my husband is wearing his boxer shorts : ] At least he still has his shirt on! LOL The short hair makes him look so much older and taller for some reason.


Heidi said...

Oh my goodness Tonya!... your son looks so cute!!! He does look a bit older, but look at that darling face!!!...& What a lucky little girl to receive that adorable dress!...and socks! You just amaze me with how creative you are!...Holly & I were sitting at the counter this evening while Mallory was cooking dinner for us...We both were telling her about you! At the risk of sounding again like a couple stalkers (we really are nice people, just enthusiastic!), we mentioned that if you walked in our front door we know we would all be great friends!! How presumptuous is that!!....Heidi :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a sweet little dress - love the fabric, the gores, the design - just perfect! (fingers crossed it is a great fit!)

Kelci said...

What a sweet little dress! I'm constantly amazed by (and jealous of) your talent.

Marie said...

I am loving that dress. It looks really hard, not my skill level at all...or at least it would take me like a year to figure something like that out. :)
Cute little boy that's for sure, especially with the haircut!

Tine said...

Look at that sweet face! I love his curls too, but they are attentiongrappers, and you don't see his face as much... And he is so cute!

The dress is wonderful, it does look quite challenging, though.
Whenever I sew clothes, I have to remember to only focus on the one step I'm working on, if I start thinking I can read ahead....oh no! It ALWAYS ends up a huge disaster! LOL!

And knitting socks! That's wonderful, my attentionspan is challenged there, I can do one, and then I really don't want to make the other one. LOL.... Not much of a knitter.

Hege said...

That's a beautiful dress!
My oldest had very curly hair when he was little. And I was so sad when hubby cut his hair, but they do look much older ;)

muralimanohar said...

What a cute little dress...I'm jealous! I am dying to sew a bunch of little girl ideas in my head, but have a ton of utilitarian in line ahead of them. :(

And kudos on the sock...I can't do anything beyond a scarf...a very long scarf. :p

beki said...

That dress is so cute! Love it! I, too, have been knitting. It's a nice change of pace. Mine isn't pretty at all, but this is my first garment, so I'm letting it go. Your little guy is such a cutie. We recently cut off all of Alex's poof.

jona said...

The dress is darling. I think you are right on with the sizing. I always go one size down with kids and it usually works out just fine.

Your little guy looks tickled with his summer cut. Boys are so easy, no rubber bands or ribbons. Just wash and go! Gotta love it!

sharleen.2cupsofcoffee said...

Cute dress, cute little guy!

Prodigal Jon said...

thanks for visiting my site, stuff christians like. I showed my wife your site because she knits and sews too. She loved your use of colors and patterns

ladydi said...

What an adorable dress! I love your mention of the fact that twirling is very important when you're 4. Your little guy grew up from one picture to the next - he looks so happy with his new haircut. You never wear socks? Not even in the winter? Maybe you could make sock puppets!