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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sharing some link love and a little whining (sorry)

I have been finding some great inspiration all over the internet lately, thought I would share some with y'all : )

First off, Jona has officiallly opened her Fabritopia online fabric and pattern shop! I just received my first order from her, she was SOOOO helpful and you just can't beat great customer service : ) Plus, she seems to carry all of the fabrics that I love! Go check it out!

I really love the Oliver + S patterns from Liesl over at disdressed. I own 2 of the patterns and plan on collecting the others. I have made this one, and it came out great! Well, she is coming out with a fall line of patterns, and they are SO cute! She even has 2 patterns for boys. I always have trouble finding cute patterns for fall and winter, and now I have several to choose from! Samuel is going to be so excited that mama has some patterns to make just for him : ) Oh, and FYI, Jona carries the spring line of Oliver + S over at Fabritopia : )

I found this tutorial at Jona's blog from Melly and Me, I tell you this woman is a wealth of inspiration!LOL I have a huge laundry basket full of fabric scraps and now I know what to do with them. This also helps out with my wanting to learn how to quilt.

Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all of your dh's!

I have had a rough weekend, my dh took his annual Father's Day golf weekend with his best buddy. So, I have been alone with the kids since Friday morning. I don't much like being a single mommy. Plus, the two little ones have been EXTREMELY whiny for some reason ::::sigh:::: I am close to pulling my hair out, and am trying to not be all grouchy when he gets home tonight. He deserves this time away, I just wish it wasn't so hard on me. It doesn't help that the past week was crazier than usual. We had Vacation Bible School and my oldest son, Austin, had 2 golf tournaments over 3 days. He won both of them! However, dh goes with him, so they weren't home all week and I had the other 6 by myself, which is what made this weekend even harder.

Sorry for the whine, but I had to get it out before losing it with the kids, my nerves are shot!!! I didn't even plan on writing any of this, but I guess I needed to vent more than I realized. I feel a little better, I will feel alot better tonight when dh gets home LOL


Lola said...

First of all I have to tell you that I love your blogs new look!!

Thanks for introducing me to Fabritopia! I will be buying from Jona soon. Her prices are really good!

I think that you have every reason to feel like you are losing it! Being alone with 6 kids is hard...and knowing that relief (Dh) is gone for a few days makes it worse!! Whenever my Husband is gone for a few days I feel like I want to lock myself in a closet!! I get so tired of hearing "Mom!" Hope things are looking up! If not, I suggest chocolate...and the closet!!!

Marie said...

Hey Tonya-
All totally understandable and you're not whining one bit. I think part of having a blog is to share with other moms-I know it sure makes me feel better that I'm not the only one going through the daily grind and blessing of being a stay at home mommy. Plus 6 kids? Seriously, that's a lot to handle!

I love all the links you shared!
Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

Tine said...

6 kids all week and 7 kids all weekend?! I would be going nuts! I seriously think I would ask dh to stay home, or call in some back-up!

Charles just left for a course in Sweden, and he won't be home until thursday....and I'm already loosing it -with only 2 kids! LOL!

That tutorial is great! My first quilt was a log cabin. It's fun to make :-)

Autum said...

Oh sweetie! I wish I lived closer, I'd love to give you a little break! I think there should Mother's Day once a month for any mom with more than four children! A day for you to do nothing but take a long bath and be lazy.

Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning Tonya, Hang in there! It is a new week, Father's Day is over & all will return to normal!...Thank you for your comment...My husband has a 0 handicap too! He went to college on golf scholarships as well..I was telling him about you son. He thinks Austin has a pretty bright future, with a handicap like that at his age!...and congratulation to him on winning 2 tournaments! WOW!...I'm not sure your son knows who the late Payne Stewart was, but my husband was friends with him & partners years ago when they both played in the Junior Nationals! Just a bit of trivia!
Also I wanted to Thank you for the information about the online fabric! I have been going to local quilt shops & none of them have Amy Butler, or Anna Griffin or any one of these ladies fabrics???What's with that? I have been thinking of ordering from Hancocks, but will go to this shop instead! making an order later today!!!....Thank you!..O.K. my friend, off to start the day! I hope the whining is over! ( Holly has had that too lately with Andrew)....Heidi :) P.S. And thank you for the compliments about my girls!

jona said...

Thank you Tonya! I already got a nice order from one of your readers!

My sweet husband left town yesterday (work training) and as I kissed him goodbye at the airport I said "I can't believe you're leaving me home with 5 kids." He just laughed. The upside is I'm joining him (in Chicago) on Thursday (and leaving my poor parents with 5 kids!). I'm going to need the vacation after this week!

Kristin said...

I just found your blog after reading your comment on my miscarriage post (thank you so so much by the way... *HUGS*).

Your blog is incredibly beautiful and inspiring - I will definitely be coming back!