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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The New Year (half a month late)

Here are all of the grandchildren on my dh's side of the family. Excuse my oldest with the stupid expression in the back. This was the only picture that all of the little ones were looking, so this is the one we are using. Too bad, he looks like a dork, he is 15 and should be able to take a picture. LOL

Samuel and Ava playing with the brand new kitchen their Daddy made them for Christmas. Isn't it adorable, I was very impressed with my husband, I must say.

Samuel completely exhausted New Year's Night, they are so innocent and sweet when they are sleeping, aren't they? 2 minutes before this, he was running around like a chicken with his head cut off! LOL

Miss Ava and her cousin Stella. She is holding her cousin Macie's brand new puppy that she got for Christmas. She is a yorkidoodle and she is just the sweetest little thing.

So those are some of the pictures from New Years Day. The week after this the whole family got the flu : ( So, that was a bad week, to say the least. Of course, Ava had it the worst, her fever got so high (almost 105) I was scared to death. We were always able to get it to come back down, but still very little sleep for me, with the waking up every 30 minutes to make sure she wasn't getting hotter.

Anyway, we are back on schedule, started homeschooling a week late, and I have been having time to sew. Will have pictures of my latest projects soon.

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lera said...

I really, REALLY love the kitchen set. I've been trying to convince my husband to make one!