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Monday, January 21, 2008

Two posts in a row!

I can't believe, I am actually blogging twice in a row!

Here is one of my latest sewing projects. I made some embellished burp cloths out of some cute Alexander Henry vintage fireman fabric. Very quick and easy. I also have some matching bibs cut out, just need to figure out what kind of fabric I am going to back them with. I will share as soon as I have them finished. I am entertaining the idea of making matching sets of these to sell on etsy, but need to figure out when I will have the time to do this LOL The idea is to make extra money to buy more cute fabric. I recently joined a yahoo fabric coop and am going a little nuts. The fabric is at wholesale prices, but you can still spend a good amount before you know it!

Here is a my sewing corner in my bedroom. It is kinda messy, but that is ok because it means I have been sewing : ) I am trying really hard to sew at least a little bit each day. There are so many things I want to make and I am always a happier mother and wife if I get to play a little each day. I am supposed to have my own sewing room soon. My dh is supposed to convert part of the garage in the next month or two, the other half will be a game room for the kids. I can't wait, there will be plenty of room and I can leave my mess. I am really looking forward to this!

And just because she is so darn cute, here is my baby girl Ava. She was being such a good girl watching Wonder Pets while I took some pictures. Whenever I am sewing, she is usually in my lap "helping". She loves to push the buttons on my sewing machine while it is sewing! I hope this mean that she will grow up with a love for sewing : )

I am almost finished with a denim vest I am making for my 11 year old daughter, Syndey. It is coming out really cute, I used one of the embroidery stitches on my machine for the first time, lots of fun. I will share soon, I may actually have another post this week!


lera said...

I love that fireman fabric. So cute.

And I totally get that you need to sew a little to be a happier mom and wife. I'm right with you there!!

Petra said...

Hi there, Tonya! I am curious to see pics of the things you make with the new fabric you just bought :-)! The fireman fabric is supercute, too... And I love your photoes, you are very blessed to have such a lovely family!! I am an only child and always found that very boring... you and your kids are very very lucky!
Take care!!