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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Isabella's turn

I found this vintage Butterick pattern when I went antique shopping a few weeks ago. It was the perfect size for my girls and so cute. I am guessing it was from the 70's. Bella picked it for her next top with some Joel Dewberry fabric and linen. It really was a simple pattern, but the directions were terrible. I fought with the yoke for over an hour last night. Once I figured it out, I felt kinda stupid because it was very simple. Even after putting it together, the directions still didn't make sense LOL Anyway, she was very happy with the result. The girls are so funny, they ask me to take their picture now because they know I am going to put it on the blog LOL

I also tried a flat fell seam (I think that is what you call it) for the first time. I am really enjoying all of the articles on the Sew Mama Sew blog, lots of great information. I love how the inside looks as nice as the outside, you have to really look to see which side is the right side. I will definitely be using this seam finishing again. The picture is the inside of the top.


muralimanohar said...

I love flat fell seams. I am not sure I do a proper one, though. I do one I learned in Claire Schaeffer's Sewing Shortcuts, and I am pretty sure it's a mock flat fell. Looks just the same, though...really nice. :p

muralimanohar said...

Forgot to say, cute top....nice shape. :)

Marie said...

I'll have to give that flat fell seam a try...sounds like it looks much nicer than the traditional seam.

I love vintage patterns-love the fabric choices for the top too! Cute!

Kelci said...

You're such an inspiration to sew for my family instead of sewing for others all the time. Now I just need to get my Bella to be as appreciative of my work as your Bella.

Michelle said...

I love that top!! I am so into vintage patterns. I have boxes full of them from my Aunt that made my clothes when I was little ( wait, is that vintage or antique??) LOL!! Love the top and your daughter is just precious!

Tine said...

Such a great top! You just get so much done! I don't know how you do it! Isabella looks great :-) She chose some fabrics that look really nice on her :-)

Trish said...

Love the vintage top and the fabric is perfect! I'd love that top for myself!

I think Sew-mama-sew is over head, experience wise, but I'm intrigued by the beauty of the inside of the top. Is there two lines of stitching on the outside?

Great job and love the family pic :)

Tonya said...

Thanks so much everyone : )

Kelci, you know how you get Bella to want you to sew for her, sew for her sister, I guarantee she will love whatever you sew for her LOL

Trish, on the outside you see the seam and one stitching line, on the inside you see two stitching lines. However, I was rereading the instructions, and I think I did it backwards LOL Oh well, it looks good, that's all that matters, right?!

Tine, I really don't get that much done, when you see alot of projects getting finished, that means the housework isn't LOL Spring cleaning kinda got put on the backburner, I sewed instead : )