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Monday, May 12, 2008

Lazy Today

Today was another lazy day, it is so nice not to have anywhere to go. The kids have been swimming every day, today was a little too cool since the temperature got down to around 50 last night. That didn't stop them though, they still swam LOL I had bought them all new swimsuits last week at Target. I love Ava's, you can't go wrong with cherries. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Target? They just built one 5 minutes from our house, it is so nice to just run over there and look around whenever I feel like it. They always have great clearances. I got the cutest dress for $10 the day we bought the swimsuits.

Here are the sweet gifts I was given yesterday. Samuel has been giving me little gifts for weeks now, ever since he found out there was such a thing as Mother's Day LOL The first one is from him, it is made of polymer clay and he says it is me, him and dh. Kind of hard to see, I know LOL It has started falling apart. Yes, that is Christmas wrapping paper, I guess it is all he could find LOL

The second one is from Savannah, she made me a little purse and some polymer clay beads, so that I could make my own bracelet. Don't you love the little monster mama with her baby on her back? I think that is supposed to be me : ) They all love playing with polymer clay.

The last one is from Isabella, it is a jewelry or toiletry wrap. She got the idea from a craft book that she borrowed from the library. She did a really good job and it will come in handy the next time I take a trip.

My other children did nice little things for me throughout the day, to show me how much they cared. I didn't have to do anything except sew and take care of myself, it was very nice : ) They even "tried" to keep the arguing to a minimum. At least I didn't have to deal with any of it, dh took care of that. It is interesting to see the different love languages of my children. Some show love by giving gifts, others by doing things to help me, and others just by spending time with me. I love all of them, and they all make me feel very special and cared for : )

Here is the dress I made for Savannah, it is Simplicity 3515. One of the Hannah Montana patterns. I think she wanted it just because it was a HM pattern. I used Amy Butler and some cool grayish purple fabric a friend gave me for the contrast. I like how it came out, a fairly easy and straightforward pattern.

I guess I made up for no pictures yesterday LOL I am so excited, the season finale of The Bachelor is tonight. I really liked this Bachelor, he was from the UK and had a great, dry sense of humor. He wasn't bad on the eyes either ; ) I don't know who I want him to pick, my favorite was Amanda and she went home last week : (


muralimanohar said...

Hannah Montana patterns?? I hadn't heard of them...how are they? I know the Lizzie patterns were pretty decent.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's day! :D

thriftymrs said...

Target is fab, I went to one when I was in America a while back. I wish we had one here.

Tine said...

The cherry-swimsuit is really cute! It looks like that pool is very popular, I guess when it's a hot day you can't beat playing in (or with) water!
The dress is wonderful, and Savannah looks beautiful in it :-)
Wonderful gifts too, all of them, the presents and the special attention..
Such great children you have!

Marie said...

Maddie has the same cherry swimsuit! Doesn't it look so adorable on their little bodies? Great job on the dress!

Tonya said...

This is my first Hannah Montana pattern, I liked it. I find I really like Simplicity patterns overall, this one was no different. Really cute little girl fashions.

Sharleen said...

Cute dress. I love that pattern.