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Saturday, April 19, 2008

I REALLY hate to clean my house!

After my lovely and relaxing weekend, I sort of ended up extending it into the week. I did school with the children and basic household chores like dishes, but really let everything else go. Well, it is scary what letting everything else go does to a house with 9 people and 3 animals living in it. I just finished cleaning. Now that I am done, I love my fresh, clean house, but I swear I HATE the actual cleaning part. All I could think about was I would much rather be sewing, reading, giving birth, ANYTHING besides cleaning! If I had the money, I would so have a housekeeper. I know I am whining, sorry, but I am really the only person I know who hates cleaning this much. My friends and family actually enjoy it! I wish I did, since it is such a big part of living LOL

Anyway, instead of cleaning, I have been sewing this week. Not that I have much to show for it. I am almost finished with another Project Runway pattern, this one. I made the sleeveless tunic. I should have a picture up tonight or tomorrow. And I still need to take pictures of the lovely treasures I found last weekend at the antique shops. I got some beautiful turquoise Fiesta Ware that I love!

I will now go and take a shower, and then the baby is going to take a nap and I am going to sew, guilt free!

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Tine said...

It's definately okay to whine about cleaning a house! And I can only imagine how it must be at your house, with that many people living in it!!
I think I would panic....LOL :-D