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Thursday, April 10, 2008

In 15 hours

Dh and I will be outta here! LOL We leave tomorrow morning for St. Francisville and don't have to be back until Sunday evening. I am so ready! I know I will miss the kids, but the break will be nice.

I took a couple of quick pictures of the shirt and skirt. I had originally planned on wearing them together, but don't like them together after all. I'll probably just wear a tank top with the skirt and jeans with the shirt. The pictures are not that great, it is horribly windy outside today, which made the sleeves on the shirt look kinda wierd. My 11 year old snapped them for me and she was in a hurry. I will hopefully have better pictures next week from this weekend. I "think" I like the shirt, it tends to make me look pregnant, but I think that is just the style of it (it couldn't possibly be the chubby belly I have ; ) I decided on it for the sleeves, I thought they were cute and different. My girls and dh loved it, my two teenage boys thought it looked dorky. I think I will ignore the two boys : )

The shirt is one of the new Project Runway patterns (Simplicity 3504) and the skirt is a New Look pattern. The skirt was very easy and straight forward. The only thing I changed was using an invisible zipper instead of a regular one. I always use invisible zippers, I just prefer the way they look. The top was a little more difficult. At first I just inserted the inset by matching the dots, but it gapped open and was too low and just looked terrible. I ripped it out and pinned it on the top while I was wearing it, so that it would fit right. Besides sticking myself a couple of times, this worked well. I really need a body double, but am not in the mood to wrap myself in duck tape. It sure would have come in handy yesterday though. I used a sheer cotton fashion fabric from Joanns. It was on sale and I have some left that I think I will use for a little top for Ava. I lined it with some cotton batiste that was also on sale.

I am planning on bringing my camera, I am sure there will be lots of pretty things to photograph. I'll let y'all know what a great time I had when I get back : )


Tine said...

That skirt is fantastic! And the top is so cute! You make me want to start sewing clothes :-)

muralimanohar said...

DD is in love with that top! I sense a trip to the fabric store coming on. :p

Holly said...

Tag! You're it! (see my blog :-)) and I love your clothes! Great job! Have fun!!!

lera said...

Lovely. Great sleeves on the shirt!!

beki said...

They both look great! Have fun on your trip :)

stephanie said...

great sewing! i JUST bought that shirt pattern last night! i cannot wait to cut into it today! yours turned out great!! very lovely!
it's nice to see it in real life, too!