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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

elephants and skirts and finding time to sew

Several weeks ago, I finally bought the book Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. I have been wanting this book for months, but for some reason never got it. I mainly wanted it for this stuffed elephant pattern, but of course there are tons of other beautiful projects to do! I think the little elephants will be adorable for giving to new moms and babies when you visit them in the hospital or at home right after birth. I think I will be making some for my girls as well : ) I just love the look of this whole book and there are lots of great tips on general piecing and quilting for whenever I finally getting around to that quilt I keep talking about lol

Even though I have had this book for a little while, I still havn't done anything besides read it! Yesterday, I decided that I was going to take sewing time when I could get it. I am not going to have a whole block of time to sew, so I took 5 or 10 minutes at a time and actually got quite a bit accomplished. I almost finished the little shorts for the Puppet Show tunic. Hopefully I will have a picture of the finished outfit today or tomorrow! I really enjoyed doing this, I felt like I had a fun little break several times throughout the day. I may just have to adopt this way of sewing for awhile, my life is only going to get crazier once ballet and homeschooling starts. I hope my kids realize how much I love them to do this, I am so not a goer, I can stay in my house for days at a time and be perfectly content. With this schedule, I will rarely have a day when I don't have somewhere to go. I know, I sound like a baby, but I am such an introvert. I guess you can't be much of an introvert with a husband and 7 kids LOL

I also have Jona's new pattern I am dying to try out! Isn't this skirt adorable? I think all of my little nieces may be getting this skirt for Christmas. I would have been in heaven to have a skirt like this when I was about 5 or 6! It is a PDF file, so once you buy it, you have it in your inbox immediately. I tell you, Jona is one talented lady. I think I need to ask her how she gets it all done! Her life is very similar to mine, she has 5 kids and homeschools too, but she also manages to get tons of sewing done, plus run a fabric store! Teach me, Jona, teach me! LOL


Tine said...

That book is great isn't it?! I just love it, haven't made anything from it yet either.... I pick it up and read or look at the pictures often, though, it is so pretty!

The remark about being content in the house for days at a time made me LOL! I'm that way too, but it isn't easy to avoid going out when you have kids :-(

Heidi said...

Happy Tuesday Tonya, I just have to say I LOVE hearing about a lady who is happy to, & wishes to stay home & create & raise her family! I do know how it is though when you must be in the car going here & there!...I think that taking advantage of all those 10-15 minute little pockets of time really does help get things done!!! Of all people you will make it work!....And that pattern is adorable!!!...I agree, what little girl wouldn't want one of those skirts!....I want one & I'm all grown up! :) I also wanted you to know that I gave you a little award on my blog today!....have a great day!...heidi XO

One Shabby Chick said...

I'm such a homebody too - guess homeschooling kinda does that to you. Soccer has started here so that's not happening right now.
And thanks for the pattern link - like I need a new skirt pattern but it's just so cute I can't resist!
Can't wait to see your finished projects :-)


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I got that book out recently from the library - lots of great projects. There never seems to be enough time though for all the project you want to make! (and I have only 2 children to ferry around!)

muralimanohar said...

I've been sewing like that lately, too...mostly cause it's too cold to sew at night like I usually do, and then the days are all taken up with other stuff they need doing. So I've been sneaking in during the day, and sewing a seam, or pinning pieces, and I've almost done a little outfit! lol

I *thought* I wanted that book, til I picked it up at the bookstore, and remembered I don't actually like patchwork all that much, lol. Saved me a little money! :p

Anonymous said...

I was a huge extrovert growing up but much prefer to remain at home, homeschooling, being with my family and yes, even doing the laundry and the dishes, now. ;)

I thought the summer would be slower but it was NOT!!! We have no activities in August and only one on Wednesday afternoon starting in Sept. I am going to guard this schedule closely. We have some appt.s that we have to take care of over the next few months so that will add some more, but once they are over, I will work very hard at not allowing more in. I want to spend a quiet fall and winter this year.

jona said...

Thank you Tonya!! You make me laugh! I don't tell you about the un-done things around here (the dishes, the laundry, the bathrooms.....). There, my "secret" is out!

I'm with the other homebodies that commented. I really like staying home with my children around me and I try to keep the extra-curricular stuff to a minimum (that may change when the boys are older and into sports).

hautemommy said...

Oooooh that book looks sooo good!! I really want to get back into sewing more, I might have to check that out!! :)

I am *almost* done with the third book- I have about 30 pages left, but I won't get the fourth until tomorrow afternoon in the mail, so I am trying to save it haha!!! I liked the first one the best also, you are right- the second did NOT have Edward in it as much as I would like.. is it possible to LOVE a fictional character???! :) The third book is great though, and I have no idea what the 4th is even about haha!! Can't wait to read them tho!

Anonymous said...

I have become such an introvert too, even though I would love to find some friends that have something in common with me. I have often thought about starting a website for "finding friends" instead of dates. The basis of the site would be the same.

Thanks for Jonas site. She does sound like an extraordinary woman. She probably spends less time at the computer then me, and therefore finds more time to sew. On that note, I will just say bye.