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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I finished something!

I finally finished the Puppet Show Tunic and Shorts for my niece, Stella. Just a little late, her birthday was at the end of July lol Ok, I am kind of a bad mom, but I made Samuel model the outfit ::::ducking:::: He is the same size and age as Stella, so I am always having him try her stuff on as I sew it, I figure why not let him model it for the pictures. I left his face out of the pictures, poor baby, I told him to look up at the sky so his face wouldn't show. Anyway, besides the fact that he is stout, you can't really tell it's a boy in a dress. I just hope he doesn't need therapy for this in the future : O His big brothers were mortified, but he didn't seem to see the big deal, must be because he is in the middle of all those sisters : )

I really love this pattern. It looks vintage to me, which I love. I wouldn't recommend it to a beginner, but I wouldn't say it was difficult. Just somewhat time consuming. I spent yesterday and some of today doing the handstitching (buttons, hem, tacking down the collar). I used Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabrics. For the shorts, I used a pink linen and made the pockets in the tunic fabrics. I love how they came out, but wish I had used a heavier weight linen. This was tissue weight. I already had it in my stash though, so I used it.

I love the details on the sleeves.

A view of the back

Sorry, the shorts are wrinkled.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your nieces outfit turned out really cute! I love the sleeve detailing - very stylish.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this turned out really cute. I am going to try this one next. I enjoyed reading your blog. We sound alike, except the part with 7 children.

HomeJewel said...

So cute, Tonya. I love the detail - that really makes the difference!

LOL about your son. My sons wouldn't dare, but that's because they are surrounded by boys. I bought my 5 yr old a pink shirt a while back- he has the perfect complexion for it and looked gorgeous in it, but he never wore it because of his older brothers. :::::sigh::::::

Anonymous said...

Wow...it's gorgeous. Again, I love the pattern and the fabrics! When I get a day to myself I am going to find a really good local fabric shop...if there is one in this area. I have been craving linen!

forgot my info for google!

jona said...

I am laughing my head off here!!! I have been so tempted to use my boys to model dresses but I know I'd be in big trouble with hubby if I got caught (and no secret is safe around here)! I have my boys turn their backs to me and then size up dresses against their backs (I figure if they can't see it then they won't be traumatized!).

The dress is darling and I really adore those shorts (I think it's because of those cute pockets). I know those Oliver patterns require more handiwork than I'm used to but the outcome is always special.

Tine said...

What a sweet boy to do that for you!! I can barely get my daugther to model a dress!!
Well, maybe if I made outfits like this, she wouldn't mind ;-) It is gorgeous!!

Kristin said...

oh my - could that outfit be ANY cuter??? I love the fabric choices, the peter pan collar and the sweet pockets on the shorts! LOVE! :)

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beki said...

Oh wow, that turned out well! You do such beautiful work!

muralimanohar said...

Okay, that is SO CUTE! I love that pattern, and the fabrics you used are just perfect!! LUCKY little girl!! (I won't say that about the little boy...but at least his head was cut off!! I know some boys not quite as lucky, rofl!!)

Kelci said...

That is fabulous! Love the fabric combo and the vintage style. What a lucky niece you have.

One Shabby Chick said...

I was thinking what a cute little outfit and then I started reading and just laughed and laughed! You better delete those photos when he gets older or you are going to owe him big time - I love it!


Michelle said...

LOVE it!! the fabrics are beautiful too!!

Trish said...

Oh yes, the fabric and pattern are sending off great vintage vibes. I just love the easy sweetness of it.

I only have boys, so I have used them as models in the past too. They make horrid faces during the process.

Vintage - old stuff we like to romanticize. Can you believe any would would romanticize the 80's tho? And calling it "vintage" makes me OLD!....sorry...2am tangent :P

Marie said...

That is hilarious! How cute of Samuel to do that for you! You did a great job on that outfit. It makes me want to open my pattern up and give it a try. Although if it took you a long time, I might not have it done until Christmas.

Jill said...

The outfit is absolutely darling! Do do beautiful work.

When one of my son's was about two, I had him try on a dress I was making. He didn't have a problem with it, but my husband was quite distressed when he saw his son in a dress.

randi said...

Beautiful! I have some of the same fabric and now I am inspired to use it!

What a crack up that your guy is modeling. He will be just fine when he gets older. Just think of it as character building!

Jessica said...

I love this top...and I love your blog, too! I just found it today and have been reading away! Thanks for brightening my day!