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Saturday, August 9, 2008

So much going on

Last night we had our first *ever* homeschool football game. Everyone is so excited, this is a new thing in our area and so far everything is working out great. Isabella is on the pep squad, she is having to put ballet on the back burner until football season is over. I am not thrilled about this, I think her dance is very important and she is really talented. But I gave in, and she is having a blast. Our team actually won, which is impressive since most of these boys have never really played football. The homeschooling association is also going to do other sports including golf, which has Austin very excited. I am a little exhausted with all of the practices and now dance is getting ready to start for the other 2 girls, not to mention homeschooling. I am in my vehicle way too much for my liking.

Oh, and Austin got a job at the Country Club he plays golf at. This is wonderful for him and for us. Employees get a free membership, plus free food. This is going to save us a ton of money! Also, the club is only 5 minutes from my house. Even though Austin is 16, I still havn't let him get his license. I guess I need to cut the umbilical cord, as dh says, but the thought of him driving makes me sick. Not because he isn't responsible, just that there are so many crazy drivers out there and he is inexperienced. I guess you have to let them actually drive to get experience though, huh lol

All of this going is seriously cutting into my sewing time. I am *still* working on the Oliver + S Puppet Show pattern. I need to finish it, I have so many projects that I want to do.

I have finished the second book in the Twilight saga, New Moon. I need to get the next one. I told dh to pick it up for me when he took a trip to Walmart yesterday. He *conveniently* forgot. I think he is getting jealous, even though I have been very good about not spending every waking moment reading LOL I am going to go and pick it up myself tomorrow, he is just gonna have to deal : D I guess I will just have to look through my new Country Living and Southern Living magazines tonight instead of reading about vampires and werewolves ; )


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the project near your machine - great fabric! Sounds like your summer break is over now your kids have started back at all their activities! Your son's job sounds perfect - love how they feed him too - my son needs a job like that!!

Tine said...

You are back to being extremely busy, huh?!
Football sounds fun :-) And how great is it, to have a job that gives you a free membership AND free food!

Trish said...

What a great homeschool association! I'm sure things will settle down into a routine and you'll find those snippets of sewing time again :)

And what is all the buzz about Twilight?? I'm beginning to hear about it everywhere. I'm always out of the loop lol.

jona said...

My 16 year old doesn't have her license either. I know I'll be a mess when she starts driving (for the same reasons you mentioned). Although it would be nice to have somebody to run errands for me!

The football and pep squad sound great. I just signed two of mine up for a homeschooling PE class and I think it will be a blast for them. That's about as "sporty" as we're getting this year.

Anonymous said...

You do have a lot going on! I can totally relate. Breathe, Tonya, breathe...LOL!

By the way, can't wait to see the Puppet Show tunic. It's looking way cute!

Take care,

Sunflower Farm said...

I so know what you mean about driving I have two kids driving and the third gets her learners this fall.It is very, very stressful out of all the growing up this one gets me the most!