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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New fabric and patterns

On Saturday, I took a trip to Joanns for the President's Day sale. I only planned on buying some bias tape makers but of course ended up buying more : ) They had their Simplicity patterns on sale for $1.00 each and their clearance fabric was 1/2 off the clearance price! Who can pass that up?! I found these 3 great Project Runway patterns, very cute and stylish and I will be able to use some of the fabric I am expecting from my fabric coop. I never really dress up, so these styles are perfect for me. Hoping to get a cute summer top wardrobe from these : ) I also grabbed this knit matte jersey print for $2.50 a yard, regularly $12.99!!!

I have plans for that jersey, as well as for this one!
I picked up this knit print for $2.50 as well. And I bought this pattern for both of them. There wasn't quite 2 yards of the flower print, so I am making the sleeveless wrap top with it. I have all the pieces cut out, just need to sew them together. Easier said than done considering I have never sewn with Matte Jersey. It is very silky and drapey and was a pain in the butt to cut! It didn't help that I didn't have any ball point pins. Picked some up yesterday at Walmart, so that should help my frustration level. I am determined though, I have tops made in this fabric and they are so flattering, it covers a multitude of sins LOL Wish me luck! If the top turns out decently, I am going to make the wrap dress with the brown jersey. I figure if it is a disaster, I am not out much money and I at least tried. If it does work out, I am gonna be sewing a crapload of Matte Jersey : D

Lastly, I bought the fashion cotton fabric to go with this Amy Butler pattern.

I actually have a beautiful black and white print that I want to make this with, but before I cut up my expensive fabric I wanted to try it out on something less expensive. I really don't like sewing muslins, but realized recently that I REALLY should! More about that later in the post. However, I cannot spend that much of my precious sewing time making something that I can't actually wear because I used some awful cheap fabric. So I was on the hunt for some bargain fabric that was wearable. I was so excited to find this, I got it for $1.50 a yard!!!! It was regularly like $9 a yard. And it is fashion cotton, not the cheap quilting cotton that they sell at Joann's, so I think it will make a really cute top.

I was really happy with my shopping trip, I got some really great bargains! I brought Sydney and Isabella with me and they got some cute doll patterns and fabric. They are doing so well learning to sew using these doll patterns. I barely have to help them anymore. Before I know it they will be sewing their own clothes. I really want my girls to have a love for sewing and all things crafty. They also know how to knit.

Here is Isabella wearing this little shrug I made for her, she wore it to church Sunday.

And now for my sizing, non muslin sewing mess up. I bought this great shirting fabric and Vogue pattern to make a shirt dress. I love this style, comfortable and classic. I made view A.

Well, this was my first time sewing a Vogue pattern. I always made a size 12 in other patterns and since the measurements were the same on this pattern, I made a size 12. I don't know if Vogue's sizing is smaller or if it was just this kind of dress, but after all my hard work, I go to try the dress on and guess what? IT DOESN'T FIT!!!! I could get it on and button it, but there was major gappage at the buttons, so NOT flattering. If I suck in and don't breathe it looks great, but I think I am gonna have to breathe :< I really wanted to cry, because while sucking in the dress looks so good! I am gonna make another one in a size 14, but I can't find this fabric anymore. The good news is that I have a skinny minny friend that this will fit perfectly and look great on, so my loss is her gain : ) At least the dress won't go to waste.

Here is a picture of the dress, which really doesn't do it justice, it looks totally different on. On, it looks like the picture on the pattern. I will take another picture with my girlfriend wearing it, so you can see how flattering it is. I am also going to make a tie belt out of the extra fabric. Oh, and the painting in the corner of the picture was done by said skinny minny friend. She gave it to me for my birthday last year, isn't it beautiful?! She is extremely talented.

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