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Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Furniture

We finally bought some new living room furniture. It was so time, my old furniture was almost 12 years old and was in horrible shape. I stupidly bought off white couches, I don't know what I was thinking! I only had 3 small children at the time, and didn't realize what they could do to white furniture LOL Well, it was brownish gray after a few years. I slipcovered it, but it was just DONE.

I was very careful while looking this time around. I got a great heavy duty fabric in a dirt hiding brownish green color. Yes, I learned my lesson : ) They also have low arms and a cool, modern curved front to it. I love it! We also got a special stain retardant on it and they will replace anything that can't be removed, they will even replace a cushion if you accidentally cut the fabric or tear it. Can't beat that for an extra $100, especially when you have 7 children sitting on this furniture LOL It always amazes me the different ways my children can find to destroy my stuff!

Oh, and the sofa is kind of messed up in the front where it curves in, so they have ordered me a new one. I am just keeping this one until my new one comes in. If anyone lives in South Louisiana, I highly recommend O'Halloran's Furniture. Beautiful furniture and GREAT customer service!

Here is the sofa. See, you can see how it is messed up in the front.

Here is the love seat.

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beki said...

I love it, good choice!!