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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bad Bad Blogger

Sorry guys, I was a bad blogger, I missed my post yesterday. We had a busy day, and by the time I remembered, it was really late and I was tired.

I havn't really done much sewing since Saturday. I get grouchy when I go a few days without my sewing fix. So today, I made sure I turned on my machine. I didn't really get much done, however I felt a whole lot better! Poor little Samuel has been asking me when it was his turn for me to sew him something. He just doesn't understand that once a little boy is past 3, there aren't many options for boys,at least not fun ones. So, I made him an old stand by, some pajama pants LOL He picked out this green snail fabric. I havn't decided if I will make the top to go with them, he usually only wears the pants anyway. He was hamming it up, most of the pictures he has a silly face, this was the only normal one LOL

Oh, and I forgot one of my Target goodies the other day. I found this hummingbird feeder on clearance for $6.99. Once you put the hummingbird food in, you have turquoise and red : ) I hung it right outside my kitchen window, this way I can enjoy it while I do the dishes.

I had a few more new blooms today.
My first gladiola started opening.

and a pink calla lily

Oh yippeee, just before finishing this post, Samuel managed to overflow the toilet in my bathroom. And it was poop : [ And Chad is at his guy's poker night..... Calgon, take me awaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!


Marie said...

I love that snail fabric! The only things I make for my son are blankets and pajama pants too, so don't feel too bad! You are right! The choices really seem fewer once they hit about 3 years old. And don't those kind of incidents always seem to happen when hubby is away??? :)

muralimanohar said...

OMG I looooooove that hummingbird feeder!! Is it blown glass??

And yeah...sewing for boys after 3 is either boring, or else reaalllly fiddly and time consuming, cause they always seem to need pockets and more pockets and tabs and zips and hooks....oy. A girl can be happy with a simple elastic waist dirndl skirt, made up in less then ten minutes.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your son's PJ pants are very cute - love that snail fabric. I have just been admiring your blog - you certainly make your children some wonderful clothes. Lisa

Trish said...

The pjs are very cool! And Samuel is just adorable - I guess I'm biased toward the boys since that's all I have. I haven't made much for them besides quilts though, and I didn't sew much when they were little, unfortunately.

As for toilets, we went through a period of time when it seemed everytime we turned around a toilet was overflowing or clogged. More than I want to remember was due to some foreign object mysteriously finding its way into the S pipe.

Cute feeder!! Reminds me to fill mine up!

sharleen.2cupsofcoffee said...

Samuel has your smile. Cute pants. And I love Target too, especially the onespot!

beki said...

Oh my goodness, good luck on the toilet thing!
The PJ pants are very cute. Maybe I should make my boy something?

Tine said...

Great pants!
And hummingbirds....I love hummingbirds!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, I could absolutely gobble him up!!!!! CCCEEEUUUTTEE!!! I love that look on his face ( the pants are adorablt too by the way! :) )