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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A new swingset

Here are some pictures of the swingset being put up. I even got a picture of child #2 Parker, who is somewhat camera shy, helping his Dad. Please excuse the ugliness of the backyard. We just started cleaning up yesterday, and this is the part of the yard that hasn't been beautified yet LOL The other little boy is a neighborhood friend. He spends most of the summer with us, we call him our adopted child LOL

Samuel and Ava had fun playing in the boxes LOL What is it with boxes and kids?!

Here is an idea I thought I would share. We needed new beach towels for the kids. Instead of spending $10 apiece for cheap *beach* towels, I went to Anna's Linens and got these huge bath sheets for $4.50 each! They are big and thick and came in great colors, for a much better deal. There were seven of them , Austin took one to the golf club with him, so he could swim afterwards, his is dark blue.

My dh loves the squirrels in our back yard and built this feeder for them. He keeps them supplied with corn. The cardinals also enjoy the corn. I got this picture yesterday, I am hoping to get a picture of one of the cardinals soon. As you can see, I went wild with the camera yesterday : )

I did finish Ava's top and skirt, I will post pictures later this evening. It was too late to take pictures last night. I think it came out really cute, I figure I will post twice today, since I forgot yesterday : )

This is my first try at adding video to my blog. It took forever to upload this 30 second clip! I am going to have to get Parker, our resident computer whiz, to help me next time, I know there is a quicker way! I have been enjoying Mommycoddle's videos, so thought it would be fun to share some of mine. This is Ava and Sam swinging on their new swings, Chad isn't done yet, but you know kids, as soon as a swing was up, they were playing on it.


Tine said...

You have such a beautiful family! And that swing-set is great. We keep talking about moving to a cheaper part of the country. In other places we could have a house with a backyard for what we spend on this apartment.

muralimanohar said...

Sounds like a good day outdoors for everyone. :p

And bath sheets for $4:50?? I can't even get them at St. Vinnies for that cheap!!!

Trish said...

The pictures are great! Kudos for putting video on too! I'm going to have to figure that one out.

The little one's are set - swing sets are just the greatest!

Angie said...

I did the same thing as far as beach towels. Got big bath towels at Walmart for $3. We're going to add some fun designs to them, either embroidered or fabric. But either way, it's thrifty fun! :)