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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rough Night

I am SOOOO tired today, we had one of those lovely nights that you have every so often when you have children. Ava woke up around 1 am screaming, she had thrown up all over her bed and then laid back down in it (yuck!) Poor little thing was freaking out. We had to give her a bath and throw all of her bedding in the washing machine, which meant she was sleeping with us. She threw up one more time, thank the Lord it was in the trashcan by the bed and not all over me or dh or OUR bed! There is nothing worse than having a baby with a sick tummy. They can't tell you it is coming and they can't make it to the toilet, so unless you are paying really close attention, you end up with a mess. Thankfully, she was fine after the second round, she actually felt pretty good, she wanted to stay up and PLAY! It was 4:30 in the morning before I could get her back to sleep. So today, she is grouchy and I am grouchy from lack of sleep. I have no clue what made her throw up, she ate all her dinner and seemed fine before bed. I am just praying that it isn't a virus, because the last thing I need is a houseful of barfing kids! And I don't want to get sick, I am a big baby when it comes to vomiting, I totally freak out, like I am dying or something LOL Luckily, I rarely throw up.

Now that I have probably grossed everyone out, here are some pretty pictures to look at : ) These are a few of the things I found while on my lunch date with my Mom last Friday.

First, I found these cute turquoise and white dishes and some old pyrex coffee cups rimmed in aqua. Turquoise/aqua is my favorite color and I love it paired with red, which is why I photographed them on this fabric.

I also found these yellow cups and saucers, the tag said they were from the 60's. I love butter yellow too, my kitchen cabinets are painted with this color.

I do have plans on sewing today, but nothing to show. I am going to cut some patterns and fabric out, not sure which project I will start next. Tomorrow starts the recital madness, so maybe I will get some stuff in before. : )


SewQt said...

Oh...it isn't fun having sick little ones...I feel for you both.
On the pretty things...OMG...I want to do my kitchen in turquoise! I just went through some paint swatches last night even (planning for when we move). Turquoise is my favorite color too...it's my stone...love it! The yellow ones are nice too. Great finds!
I hope tomorrow everyone is back to normal (happy & healthy) and that you get some good rest tonight.

lera said...

Cute dishes.

We just had the stomach virus circle our family TWICE. I sympathize. I rarely get sick and I, too, got it twice. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

It so hard (and gross) to have a wee one get sick. When my oldest daughter started school, she would bring home a bug. By the time it hit all five girls, the germ had mutated and the first one would get it again! When someone would get sick, I knew I was in for about a month of gross clean-ups before all would be well. Occasionally, the triplets would get a flu bug at the same time. Talk about a lot of clean-up and baths! Sick days are one thing I don't miss as the girls get older. You should definitely spend some quiet time on the couch with Ava today.

Also, I love the turquoise and red combination in your picture. Lovely, lovely! I just finished a turquoise a red baby gift. I will post it on my blog soon.

Take care, Tonya.


Trish said...

I hope it was a short bug and today all is well again!

The dishes are very cute. The turquoise and red really pop. I'm always attracted to yellow for a kitchen color. It must be because my childhood home had a yellow kitchen (70's goldenrod).

Hannah said...

love your new dishes!!!!
Thanks for the new baby greetings!

Sharleen said...

Hope all is better today. poor wee one.

Tine said...

Oh no! And another bad thing is, that they don't always understand that it will go away, and they'll get all better again. Imagine throwing up for the first time ever, and thinking oh no! Up until know learning new stuff has been okay, but what is this!!?? Will that go on forever now?

Tine said...

...sorry.... bad typing.... I meant to write "up until now...."