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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Great mail day!

I could have kissed my mailman today. I got two packages that I was waiting for. The first one was from Beki (artsy crafty babe). I was so lucky to get a pattern for her Erica bag! And being the sweetie she is, she also sent me a gorgeous vintage pillowcase and one of her adorable button flower pins. My girls were all wanting it for themselves, but it is MINE! LOL I can't wait to make my bag, I think I am going to use Amy Butler's Cherry Wallflower and Full Moon Polka Dots. I will definitely be sharing it here, when I finish it!

The second package was from my fabric coop. I got several yards of fabric and two great patterns. I love fabric, it seriously makes me happy : D I have it all in the washing machine as we speak.

Right now, I am working on this simplicity pattern. I am using a silky, slippery fabric. It is really pretty and I think it fits the pattern well, but it isn't easy to manage. I keep procrastinating working on it, because I am scared of that dang fabric! I think I need to start another project with some good old cotton, to have a break when I need it. (Hmmmm, I am thinking the Erica Bag ; ) I am really looking forward to Sew Mama Sew's May Women's Clothing Month! I have several tops and dresses I want to make for myself and hopefully this will push me to make them, so I can actually wear them this summer.

Tomorrow, my Mom and I are going out to lunch and then shopping for an early Mother's Day. We are planning on hitting some antique shops (please send me pretty vintage sheet vibes!) and I am sure I will stop by at least one fabric store LOL Oh and Holly, we are gonna go to The Royal Standard! I can't believe I never saw this store. It used to be an antique shop and I thought they had turned it into a furniture store. Duh, The Royal Standard is in huge letters on the side of the building. I miss obvious things alot, probably because I am always daydreaming LOL

And here is a picture of one of my hibiscus just because, isn't she pretty?


thriftymrs said...

Lucky you, I wish my postman would bring me such pretties.

Tine said...

I love good mail-days too :-) Remember to tell Beki that she should publish those patterns! I'm thinkinf if we all do, then she might just do it :-) And wouldn't that be great?
I bet your bag is going to look terrific! The fabrics you've chosen are beautiful!

Oh...and look at those cute owls!

Tonya said...

I have told Beki she needs to publish the patterns, mainly because I want more! LOL

lera said...

Great mail day! You are right! Love the owl fabric and dots.

Marie said...

It seems like you have so many fun projects in the works! The bag and the fabrics are so pretty-can't wait to see how it turns out! Plus, you'll have to tell me if you like that Amy Butler pattern for that top. I've always wanted one of her patterns, but I'm not sure what the sewing level is-I need a beginner pattern.

SewQt said...

ooo...nice fabrics...and I love that Amy Butler pattern...are you making it soon?