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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My kids were in the local paper!

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest Austin had taken the children to pick blackberries down the street from our house. A photographer from the local newspaper stopped and asked to take pictures. Well, today the pictures were on the front page of the accent section of the newspaper! The article is about picking blackberries, but the pics are my children. Here is a link, you can only see one picture of them, but they had another picture of just Samuel in the actual paper. He was holding his basket full of blackberries LOL Of course, I am saving the newspaper : )

Here is the picture.

and here is the link with the picture and the article.

The Daily Advertiser


Marie said...

How exciting! And what's even more sweet about it is that your oldest took his younger siblings to go blackberry picking-I love that!

thriftymrs said...

Are they doing autographs? ;)

Trish said...

Way to go! That is super fun and exciting! Blackberries don't ripen so early here, but last year I picked a couple quarts and froze them for toppings and cobbler.

Boy did the boys and I come home with a case of chiggers! Ouch! *LOL*

beki said...

THat's pretty cool!

Sharleen said...

How fun!! Did you make that cobbler? It sounds so good.

Tine said...

How cute is that?! What a great older brother, you must be very proud!
And the recipes looks great to :-)

muralimanohar said...

Oh, wow, picking blackberries...I haven't done that since I was a kid! I wish they grew around here so I could take MY kids picking.

What a sweet big brother to take all the littles out like that!

Michelle said...

that is so cool, I love that your son took the time to take the little ones to pick blackberries, I don't think alot of big brothers would do that! :) What a sweet boy.