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Monday, May 19, 2008

Why I love Target!

I had to go shopping today for baby wipes and laundry supplies. So, of course, I went to Target : ) Here are some reasons why I love this store so much!

This oven mitt set was in the Dollar Spot for $2.50!!!! The colors are perfect for my kitchen, and the cherries are so cute!

This sheet set was on clearance for $9.98!!!! I have been eyeing this print for weeks, and today I scored! I will be using these for fabric, not as sheets : ) This is one of Jona's secrets for great fabric at cheap prices, buy cute sheets!

They had these stainless steel pet bowls at the Dollar Spot as well, for $1 apiece. They have little rubber grips on the bottom too, so that the bowl doesn't slide all over the place. Great deals, I tell ya! They even had decent sunglasses for a dollar!

Here are some flowers from my yard. I love hydrangeas, these are called Endless Summer and they bloom all summer long.

This is also a hydrangea, I think it looks like lace, it is called Red Lady because when the blooms fade they turn a pretty maroon red.

A pretty white lily.


thriftymrs said...

I want Target to open in the UK. Such fab bargains!

muralimanohar said...

This is the second post I have seen in as many days singing the praises of a trip to Target, lol.

You sure hit the jackpot this trip!

Trish said...

I heart Target as well! Great scores all around. The photos of the blooms are the second set I've seen this morning. I'm getting the hint that I need to go plant and weed today.

Lola said...

I love Hydrangeas! They don't last in Utah though....I wish!

jona said...

Oh, good catch! Those sheets will make something darling (actually lots and lots of darling things!) I'm sure.

hautemommy said...

Awesome Target finds!!! Those sheets are so darn cute, what a good idea for fabric! I think I might need to check Target out today while my son is with his dad hehe! :) LOVE your blog, this is my first visit! My mom is always telling me I need to read yours haha!