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Friday, May 23, 2008

I lied

I feel bad, but I lied about finishing the Oliver + S outfit today. I didn't even get to sew today : ( Dh decided he wanted to go to Walmart and pick up a new swingset for the two little ones. The one we had before pretty much got destroyed by the 5 older kids LOL Then we went on a date and ate shrimp poboys and Maggie Moo's ice cream. I *should* be able to finish it tomorrow, I really want to, so that she can wear it to church Sunday morning.

I was tagged by Kelci from Crafty Mama Creations. She makes the most fabulous handbags that she sells on Etsy. Of course, everyone here probably already knows who she is LOL

So, here are the rules

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7 Facts

1. I got my blog name from my dh. For years now he has called me Puddin as a pet name. Yes, very Southern, I know. Seriously, he rarely calls me Tonya LOL Well, when Ava was born, he referred to her as PuddinPop. So, when trying to come up with a name for the blog, I thought that was kinda cute. My 16 year old son thinks it's stupid, but I don't really care what he thinks :p

2. I am probably not done having children. God willing, I would really like 1 or 2 more. I know that I am getting older, so this may not happen, but I would be really happy if it did. Even though they drive me batty some days, I love having a houseful, I really think I am one of the luckiest women in the world.

3. I wash my hands constantly, and I can't stand to have anything like lotion or cream on them. Baby lotion is the worst!!!! I hate that because I can't use it on my babies even though I love how it smells.

4. I love Soap Operas. I don't watch them anymore unless I am sick in bed, but they are very comforting to me if I am having a rough time. I remember watching them with my Mom and Grandmother when I was little and they bring me back to that time. Only the ones on CBS though LOL

5. I am very nostalgic (see no. 4) Dh and I were in the drugstore tonight, and I smelled a shampoo that I used to use when we first got married. I felt like I was back in our first apartment. Also, my exboyfriend in high school wore the cologne Drakkar Noir, to this day I cannot smell it without thinking of him. Dh is forbidden from every wearing it! I am the same way with music. Everytime I hear the song "Afternoon Delight" I am about 7 years old and we are driving to Galveston, Texas with me singing the song at the top of my lungs. My parents must have been cracking up, I had no idea what the song was REALLY about. I thought it was about rockets LOLOL

Ok, I am cheating, but I cannot think of 2 more things right now. Y'all have probably heard enough of my weirdness anyway.

Oh, and I didn't charge the battery, so no pictures either. I really need to get on the ball, don't I?


Tine said...

I hope you have more children! I sometimes think about having a 3rd child, but I'm getting older too..

Marie said...

Wow! You want more children? I secretly wouldn't mind one more. Hubby says he's done, but we're only 28, seems kind of permanent don't you think? Although you must be supermom or something because I have 3 and I barely survive some days!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Tonya, I will definitely post Andrew's jammies!...they are almost done...waiting just for a few snaps on the top & elastic in the waistband! He is so excited!....I loved reading all your responses to your "tagging" questions!!! And I think it is just wonderful that you would like a couple more little people to become part of your wonderful family! I love children & should have had lots more!....Have a great weekend my friend!...Heidi :)