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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Sydney was next on my list for sewing. She picked out this cute Simplicity pattern and this fabulous Anna Maria Horner fabric. It is from her Bohemian fabric line and I think it is my favorite. It isn't easy to find anymore, so I was thrilled when I saw it at my local quilt shop. The pictures came out weird, sorry. It was really overcast and I was in a hurry to take the pictures while cooking dinner.

We had some really bad weather this morning. We got 4 inches of rain at my house in a couple of hours. There were at least two tornadoes that touched down. One of them in downtown Lafayette. Several buildings were badly damaged and lots of trees were knocked down. Anyway, everything was ok here, my kids slept peacefully through the whole thing LOL


Tine said...

Good job! That top is beautyful! And the fabric!!! Sydney looks wonderful in that top.
I like the way your children each pick a pattern and fabric, and that they take turns in having you sew something for them.

Trish said...

The top is really cute! What a great summer top! And I do love that fabric - such pretty colors, and the pattern works so well with it.

I'm glad y'all are safe and sound from the tornadoes. I always breath a little easier when we are on the summer side of the severe spring weather.

Curious - is that Jasmine growing right in front of your daughter?

muralimanohar said...

I think I am one of the few people in the world who is thrilled when the weather goes bad, lol. I get all excited when the wind hits gale force, the rains come on, and the thunder gets close. :p

That's a very cute top, and nice fabric choice!

beki said...

Both your daughter and the top are adorable!

Heidi Ann said...

Good Morning Tonya, Hope you are doing well!...Your daughter's top is adorable! I LOVE that you're a mom who sews clothes for your children!...And the photo that ended in the paper! What a treat!....And I do want to say apolgize about my last post! I was a bit embassassed about my whining this morning!!...Thank you for all your lovely comments!....and I'm glad we both think it's a perfectly English wall!!! You have a great weekend!....and thank you for setting me straight!....Your friend, Heidi :)

Tonya said...

Yes Trish, I think it is a type of jasmine. It isn't actually my plant. It is coming over the fence from the neighbors yard. I ain't complaining though LOL

muralimanohar said...

It's star jasmine...I looove it!!

One Shabby Chick said...

I just popped over after reading your comment on my blog. I've actually visited your blog quite a few times. And I was just looking at these pictures of the top you made for your daughter last night on Flikr :-)
Small world (or internet)!

Brenda said...

Good post.